A Most Uninteresting (But Informational) Post

I have once again waited longer than I anticipated to post. Unfortunately this post is not as entertaining as my birthday post or as strange as the O.J. Simpson post or as controversial as the Mac post. But it is necessary.

We are going to commit potential blogging suicide. We are changing the URL of The Smoak House. So as of Sunday, December 17, you will no longer go to joshhorne.wordpress.com to visit the Smoak House. Our new abode will be thesmoakhouse.wordpress.com. I know it is a big hassle to change your bookmarks and blogrolls and other things but let me first explain why we decided to do this dastardly deed.

The purpose of this site is to stay in touch with family and friends and to share ideas, thoughts, and humor with others. Since the Smoak House (the real one, not this site) is home to a family, I want this site (and it’s title and even it’s location on the web) to reflect that. So that is why we have moved the location of our site and hopefully it will not cause too much trouble for everyone.

Also, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the Video of the Week section on this site. This will feature a funny or interesting clip that we have come across in our adventures in web surfing. So check that out and feel free to comment.

Look for a new (more interesting) post in the next couple of days!

Josh H.



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