The Wonder Years: The Horne Chronicles

the_wonder_years__53462.jpgI have long been a fan of the early nineties television show “The Wonder Years”. You remember it, right? The show in which a grown up Kevin Arnold narrates the happenings of his young life. Young Kevin is played by Fred Savage. Now putting aside the creep factor of the idea of this strange guy who sits around talking about his years in junior high and early high school, while possibly being unemployed (and who is he talking to anyway?), the show is quite entertaining. There have been times that I could very much identify with the feelings and frustrations of Kevin Arnold .

At any rate, as I sat watching a rerun of the show tonight, I began to wonder (no pun intended) what a similar show about my life might be like. There would be a few key considerations. I, of course, would want to do my own narration. But great consideration must go into who would play the young me. This proves to be a difficult task since there is no current young actors that I would dare pretend to be me.

Fox on Family TiesMy first choice would be Michael J. Fox. Now of course he is quite old now so we would have to invent time travel (which he can probably help us with since he was the star of “Back To the Future”) and go back and get the young Michael as he appeared in Family Ties. First of all, like me, Fox is short. Second of all, Back To the Future is my favorite movie of all time and I just think it would be so rad to have the guy who played Marty McFly portray me as a junior high schooler.

My second choice would be David Moscow who played young Josh Baskin in the movie “Big”. Though he looks like a dolt now that he is grown, I think his performance as a young man would nicely capture my personality when I was that age. Plus “Big” is also a favorite of mine. Again, we would have to call on the time traveling know-how of Michael J. Fox.

“The Wonder Years” opening theme song was Joe Cocker’s rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends” (originally by the Beatles). This is an appropriate choice considering the time period in which the show was set. But since my show would have to be set in the late eighties/early nineties, I would have to choose an appropriate song. My choice would have to be “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears For Fears, unequivocally my favorite song from the 80’s. I used to have that album on vinyl and would listen to that song over and over. I just loved it.

There would of course be many other factors to consider: who would play my childhood best friend, Rodney? Who would play my mom and brother? Would it be filmed on location in my hometown of Eastman or somewhere else? All such considerations would take more paragraphs than I care to write or you care to read. But I think that I have laid some good groundwork for such a program. So if any major television execs are reading this and are interested, have your machine call my machine!

Josh H.


2 Responses to “The Wonder Years: The Horne Chronicles”

  1. 1 kev
    May 21, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    An excellent idea. I would definitely watch that show.

    Having never met Rodney nor your parents, I think you should cast Dustin “Screech” Diamond as Rodney, Patricia Heaton (of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame as your mom, and Sly Stallone as your dad.

    I also think you should create a character named after me. The character will be portrayed by a young Henry “The Fonze” Winkler.

    It’d be a smash hit.

  2. May 21, 2007 at 4:11 pm

    Those recommendations definitely give me something to think about.
    Actually Tim Allen has always kind of reminded me of my dad, so I think he’d make a great portrayal of my dad. But Patricia Heaton would be ideal for my mom.
    Dustin Diamond, though very funny, doesn’t quite capture Rodney. Rodney was kind of a jock (played baseball and some football and just really loved sports), but still a little dorky (if you read this Rod, don’t take it personally!). Actually I think Sean Astin could aptly portray Rodney.
    As for the “Kevin” character, that could really work. We could just name the character Kevin and not give him a last name until the final episode; it will be sort of playing the Kramer angle”. There would be blogs and websites all speculating on what “Kevin’s” last name is.

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