New Attitude 2007

Josh and Z at Old Spaghetti Factory

Lyndsay and I came home two days ago from a sort of spiritual hiatus. We, along with our wonderful friend, attended New Attitude 2007. New Attitude (or Na for short) is a conference that is held in Louisville, KY and is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries. Pastor and author Joshua Harris leads this conference and the ministry thereof by like any good leader, he has faithful men that help him and to whom he delegates responsibilities.

The mission of Na is to equip the people of God for ministry through what it dubs Humble Orthodoxy. Humble Orthodoxy is knowing what you believe and being able to show Christ to the world, but in a way that is humble and shows the world that it is because of Christ that we have this hope and it is not of ourselves. The theme of this year’s conference was Discernment and we were blessed to hear the doctrine of discernment taught by Joshua Harris (Discerment), Eric Simmons (Discerning the Graymatters), Al Mohler (Discerning Your Culture), C.J. Mahaney (The Idol Factory), John Piper (Discerning What Pleases God), and Mark Dever (Discerning Your Doctrine).

I went to Na with a few prayers in mind and some things that I needed to hear God on. One major prayer request was that God would teach me humility. My pride gets me in trouble all too often and it is a stumbling block to me when it comes to hearing God and understanding His Word. Through Mahaney’s talk on Idolatry and Harris’s talk on Discernment, I was able to see how I allow my selfishness to diminish the need for God’s daily guidance.

Josh and Lyndsay LampostAnother area in which I needed God’s guidance was in what role I am supposed to play in the ministry of my church. As it grows (and possibly changes), how do I know what my place is. God answered that one too. You see, Joshua Harris is the head of Na and is the senior pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD. Eric Simmons is a pastor at Covenant Life and had a major hand in putting together this year’s conference. Neither of these guys is very much older than me. As I sat there watching all that these young men of God were accomplishing through the power of God, an amazing notion hit me. If God is able to take a couple of relatively young guys and accomplish great things on a scale like Na, then surely He is able to use me in the local church in a mighty way. My heart’s desire is to see Christian gaining a greater understanding of the Bible and therefore being able to defend the faith and to always be ready to give an account for the hope that is within them. My pastor has been working to mentor and train myself and other guys my age to be leaders in our generation because, frankly, my generation will be who leads the church for the next 40 years. But my age has kept me from being able to see that God can make a leader out of me.

I have come back from Na changed! I have a renewed understanding of my absolute need for God. As one of the songs we sang declared “It’s all because of Jesus I’m alive!” God has opened the floodgate in my heart and the in the heart of the other guys who attended. He has began giving us a new look at ourselves…as leaders! He is giving us renewed excitement in serving our brothers and sisters in the church and those we meet outside of the church. And He is giving us revolutionary ideas of how we can serve in the body of Christ and how we can do our part to bless the family of God.

Lyndsay and I are so thankful for all our wonderful friends. We are thankful that they share our passion for worshiping God and for ministering in His name. Steve, Renee, Daniel D., Leah, Saige, David, Elena (did I spell that right?), Daniel W., Matt, Adam, we are so thankful for you guys. I look forward to hearing what God has done in you this past weekend.

Josh H.


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