The Internet Is Broken

I am sorry to any one who read the title of this post and was expecting a well thought-out treatise on the woes of the internet. This time I was being a little more literal than usual. Then again in all actuality it’s my computer that is broken.

Now before any of you haters out there start cracking on Macs, let me say that the problem was an act of God. You see, two nights ago we had a frightful storm. The rain was coming down in buckets full, the wind was howling, the lightning was flashing in very close proximity. So like a good geek steward I shutdown my computer and disconnected it from the power supply. But I did not disconnect my modem and ethernet cable.

Later the storm died down and I rebooted my computer and no internet connection. The next day, no internet connection. After spending way too much time on the phone with my ISP (Comsouth, don’t ever use them if you can help it), I (and their help desk technician) deduced that the lightning must have damaged my ethernet card in my Mac Mini. So it is off to the shop with my computer for a replacement. I will try to continue posting and answering email by using the computers of friends and family, but I just thought I should explain why emails are getting slower responses and posts are slowing to a crawl.

Josh H.



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