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I have been married these seven years and consistently every year I struggle with gift ideas for Lyndsay. And if you are a husband reading this you are probably nodding in agreement. Do not get me wrong, it is not because my spouse is demanding or that she has ever shown any dissatisfaction in the gifts I have offered to her in the past. It is for the simple reason that I want the gifts Lyndsay receives from me to be special that I spend so much time and effort to choose the right gift.

Thankfully I have found a great online service to help me out. The company I am referring to is Randomshirts.com. Randomshirts.com creates and sells comfortable, reasonably-priced original t-shirts and “hoodies”. Because their designs are created by them you will not find anything like them anywhere else. They have t-shirts priced anywhere from $10 to $16. Most of their products are around the $10 price point which is one of the lowest that I have seen for modern apparel.

The humor of the tees at Randomshirts.com range from the clever to the ridiculous. One shirt displays a drawing of the Cyclops of Greek mythology with the caption “Depth Perception Is Overrated.” One of the newer tees on the site displays a creative drawing of a forest and declares “Trees: the REAL cause of forest fires”. There are literally pages of designs from which to choose, some of which will make you laugh out loud.

Randomshirts also includes a “Girls Only” section on their website. The sizes and fit of these shirts are made with females in mind with sizes such as “Girly Small” and “Girly Large”. The designs are geared toward femininity with statements such as “Girls Make Better Ninjas” (I agree) and even one that depicts a bitten apple with an apology from the mother of all mankind: “My Bad! -Eve”. But keep in mind that shirts from the regular tees section are still available in styles and sizes that will suit all the ladies out there.

A recent addition to their product line is the introduction of tees for babies and toddlers. Since I do not have any children this section does me no good but it might be fun for some of you parents. Shirts in the “Lil’ Ones” section include many of the same designs as those for adults. However there are a few baby-centric designs such as the one that consists of a stick figure-style drawing of two parents holding hands with the words “Babies are for lovers” written beneath them. Available sizes for Lil’ Ones are Kids Size 2, Kids Size 4, and Kids Size 6 (hopefully those sizes mean something you parents out there).

In addition to getting a great product, by doing business with Randomshirts.com you would be supporting a company that looks beyond it’s own profit margin because their mission statement is “To impact the world through business by generating money for those in need.” Randomshirts.com has even had programs in the past to help churches and ministries (such as Ollie Horne’s Lifepoint…Kiev). So check out this great site when gift-giving time is upon us.

Josh H.


2 Responses to “Gift Ideas at Randomshirts.com”

  1. 1 kev
    August 19, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    My favorites from Randomshirts.com:

    – Fact: Clowns Eat People
    – Everybody Loves Ramen
    – I Survived Y2K

  2. August 19, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Those are awesome! For her birthday I got Lyndsay the one that says “Let’s Rock” and has the kid on a rocking chair.

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