Recently I wrote of how I was seeking new ways to cash in on something I love doing for fun, namely blogging. I have now discovered Bloggerwave. Bloggerwave offers writing opportunities that cover a wide range of topics and you get paid for each one that you do. After signing up for an account, I then registered this blog with Bloggerwave. Once that was complete I could begin taking the writing opportunities.

Since I am new and have a low rating only two opportunities were available to me. The one you are now reading is one of them: a short description of Bloggerwave worth $10. However as I write more articles and gain more “cred”, the opportunities will become more numerous which means more money for doing what I would have done anyway.

function submitIframeBlogId4815OppId4(linkId){document.getElementById(“iframeBloggerwaveBlogId4815OppId4″).src=”http://www.bloggerwave.com/ClickTrack.aspx?OpportunityId=4&BlogId=4815&LinkId=” + linkId;}



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