How Did You Celebrate Labor Day?

Happy Labor DayAs usual, this year on Labor Day I celebrated by…well, by laboring. I can never bring myself to complete “veg out” or “laze around” on holidays. There is always some home improvement project to be done. This year was no different.

I did however allow myself the luxury of sleeping in until 11:00. I greatly enjoyed that. But I knew that I needed to mow the backyard and it the temperature wasn’t getting any lower. So I got myself out of bed, got dressed in my yard work clothes and headed to purchase gas for the riding mower.

I spent $3 filling up my gas can and came home and begin pouring it into the take of my Murray riding mower. I almost put it all in there but decided at the last minute to put the remaining 1/2 gallon or so in my push mower, just in case. Well, that “just in case” came sooner rather than later. The riding mower would not start. It was obviously a dead battery. And since I didn’t have the cash on me to go purchase a new one, I resorted to mowing with the push mower.

Now I had to factors working against me: the grass in the backyard had gotten quite tall and really thick and it was still moist with dew. What this means is that if I go to quickly or cut too much at once the clippings will bunch up and clog the discharge chute on the side of the push mower. I then have to stop the mower, unclog it with my hand, and restart and continue mowing. The hotter it got, the more cumbersome this little ritual became. So after about an hour, I had a lot of it cut. I was also a little hungry. So I went inside, ate a small lunch with Lyndsay and by the time I returned to the yard, most of the moisture had evaporated and the remainder of my cutting was slow but productive. In then end I had a nicely mowed yard and a very sweat-soaked shirt (apologies to those of you who may be eating as you read this).

But my day of labor was not over. I still had to change out the power cord on our new dry (technically it was used but it was new to us) and move it into the house, but not before removing our old one. By this time it was getting to be close to 4:00 and I knew that Lyndsay would be preparing supper soon. So I decided to call it a day. I was able to accomplish two major tasks and we still had plenty of time to head to Lowe’s and Wal-mart to return some items. So in the end I kind of made money too!

Nothing like a little bit of hard labor to help you celebrate a holiday from work.

Josh H.


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  1. 1 kev
    September 5, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Yet another reason why I wish the world was like The Brady Bunch: thanks to astro turf, there is no grass to mow.

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