RockMyTeeth iPod Product Inspires Incredulity

I recently had a sort of silent battle with Associated Content, the user supported content provider of which I am a member. You see I submitted for payment the article you saw here about the RockMyTeeth iPod teeth whitening product. The article I submitted to AC was pretty much the exact same as the one published here at The Smoak House. When submitting it I categorized it as humor and technology. Well the editors and submission reviewers declined it stating that they do not offer payment for humor pieces. But really I did not mean for this to be a purely humor piece so I resubmitted it changing the humor categorization to health. Well they declined the thing again, and again their comments suggested that they did not quite get that I was not trying to be funny. So I changed some of the wording and submitted it again. This time their comments were priceless:

“Sorry for the humor decline. The ridiculousness of this product fooled us at first, but lo and behold, this thing is real.”

They also paid me five bucks for it. It pays to be persistent.

Josh H.


1 Response to “RockMyTeeth iPod Product Inspires Incredulity”

  1. 1 kev
    October 16, 2007 at 9:39 pm

    Good job, my friend. Way to wear them down.

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