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There was a time, like most, that I believed in Santa Claus. When I was still in the midst of this belief my cousin Ross revealed to me that it was my mother who put those presents under the tree (sorry if I just crushed a long held belief for any of you). Of course I was incredulous at first. I refused to believe him. My first response was “oh yeah, well who eats the cookies!?” It wasn’t my best argument but gimme a break, I was still young.

But all those years of blissful ignorance I would always write a letter to Santa letting him know what I wanted. One year it was a Nintendo (or maybe I didn’t believe by then; I don’t quite remember). Usually there would be some action figures. I loved Transformers. I used to enjoy getting out the Sears Wish Book and circling all the stuff I liked. Those were good times.

Well I have grown up now. And I have graduated from a letter to Santa to a blog. So I am going to give you my all-time wish list. These are the items that it’d be my dream to get at Christmas. If any of you know somebody who knows somebody and can surprise me with these things this year, I’ll send you a “thank you” card.

Josh H.’s All-Time Wish List

1. A DeLorean made up to look just like the one Michael J. Fox drove in Back to the Future, my favorite movie. And if you could get me one that really traveled through time that would be a definite plus.

2. To be President for a week. I thought about President for a day but I want to do more than just ride around in some parades. I think I’ll start with abolishing the IRS…

3. A chance to play in a Braves baseball game. No, I am not good at baseball. They’d probably lose that night on account of me. But dang it’d be fun. Oh, and one caveat, no matter how bad I do the crowd has to cheer for me louder than they do for Chipper Jones.

4. One of every product Apple makes signed by Steve Jobs. Perhaps the autograph from Jobs could say “To Josh, Thanks for all the great blog posts. Steve.” Hey! He might be a reader. You never know.

5. A recording contract that pays me by the chord. My songs would be longer than Pink Floyd’s.

6. An RV. Lyndsay and I recently discovered that we’d both love to travel the country in an RV.

7. For Lyndsay to be able to redecorate a room by snapping. I know this is not only outside the realm of possibility but outside the realm of reality. But she’d have a ball with it.

8. Free Blizzards for life from Dairy Queen.

9. For Jimmy Stewart to be alive again and perpetually 30 so that he can make more awesome movies.

10. A nickel for every time I’ve said “Ok, this Christmas I’m not gonna snack so much!”

Bring on the holidays, the snacks, the family, the gifts and fun! I’m ready for Christmas!

Josh H.


2 Responses to “Josh’s Wish List”

  1. 1 Matt
    November 29, 2007 at 11:12 am

    What do you mean there was a time you USED to believe in Santa. What’s the matter with you. As the ol’ saying goes IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL RECIEVE!! Ok I’m sorry for the cheese. Merry Christmas, and may you get your Delorean so I can go for a ride back to 1999 and party….like…it’s…..1999!

  2. 2 kev
    November 29, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    I can’t help but notice #8 and #10 contradict one another…

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