Mac Geeks, Theater Geeks, Music Geeks, Oh My!

When I was in school I had all types of friends. I had some friends who were in the upper echelon of Dodge County society (yes, Eastman has an upper echelon) and were quite preppy. I had a few jocks that were my friends, including my best friend, Rodney (who was the best man at my wedding). I also had friends who were slackers and rockers (not necessarily the same thing, but often closely associated). I ran with all classes. What can I say? I was an anomaly. I had preppy friends who would never speak to some my lower class friends and vice-versa. But they had no problem with me. I was thankful for this attribute because it made me lots of friends.

I have seen this same powe of mine, if you can call it a “power”, at work on other levels–like geekiness. Now before I go on I must define my terms. By geek I do not mean nerdy. Nerdy is different. Nerdy often involves some of the same qualities as geekiness but along with that comes social ineptness and many times clumsiness. Being a geek means you have a particular subject matter that is a serious hobby to you. Nay! It is more than a hobby. You think about it in deeper ways than most people. You theorize, hypothesize, and…other words that end with ‘ize’, about this topic. A geek may look completely normal on the outside (unlike a nerd). However bring up the topic and it’s like Superman and a phone booth. Facts, figures, tips, tricks, theories, conspiracies and all manner of knowledge how are manifested.

That said, I have discovered that I can run with many different types of geeks and fit in pretty well. First I am definitely a music geek. I do not just play music (ie. more than a hobby), I like to think about and talk about music theory. I like to talk about and compare musical styles and keep up with the latest bands.

At this point I need to point out a heretofore unmentioned phenomenon of geekdom. Geeks often make, and laugh at, jokes concerning their topic of geekiness. Observe: What’s the last thing a drummer says in a band? ” “Hey guys, why don’t we try one of my songs?” Or try this one: Did you hear about the guitarist who was in tune? Neither did I. You Might be a Music Theory Geek if your favorite pickup line is, “What’s your favorite augmented sixth chord?”

I also classify myself as a Mac geek. Mac geeks are different from computer geeks in two ways: they hate Windows and they love the Macintosh. Pretty simple. They love to keep up on the latest rumors of new products possibly coming out of Cupertino. They discuss how “Microsoft/Windows would be better if they’d just (insert Macintosh feature here).” When one uses a Windows PC he is simply using another household appliance. But using a Mac, for a Mac geek, is a means of expression. And of course there are no shortages of Mac geek jokes. These are often at the expense of non-Mac products. “System Requirements: This virus requires Microsoft Windows 98 or higher.” Computers are like air conditioners–they stop working properly if you open Windows. You get the idea.

Well now I have been introduced to the theater geek. This is not necessarily the same as an acting geek. I have been studying this type of geek during my tenure as Sam Wainwright in the current Perry Players production of It’s a Wonderful Life. I have found that I can fit right in with theater geeks as well as I can with Mac geeks and music geeks and preppies and rockers and jocks, et al. The ability to do so stems from my love of classic movies, many of which are also plays. So when they begin discussing plays they have been in, I am often familiar with the storylines of the ones they mention. Theater geeks also have their own brand of humor which often involves talking like their character or using their actual lines to participate in real conversations. This will elicit any where from a knowing chuckle to an outright guffaw depending on well-timed and properly-placed the remark was. Theater acting is new to me and may be short-lived. So I can not say if I will arise to the ranks of theater geek as I have with Macs and music. But time will tell.

It is interesting how people seem to be endowed with particular gifts. You see, I did not set out to acquire these skills and knowledge for the purpose of assimilation with any group, I simply, by nature, am an eclectic kind of guy. That is except when it comes to computers: Mac only please.

Josh H.


1 Response to “Mac Geeks, Theater Geeks, Music Geeks, Oh My!”

  1. 1 Matt
    December 6, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    Kudos for working in the use of “heretofor” in a blog. Your a blog-genius….nay a blog-geek!

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