Confessions From High School

Dodge County High School In high school I was kind of a clown but I was a good kid. I didn’t party or do drugs or anything like that. But I did cut up in class and was known for being a goof off. But I was proud of my basically pristine reputation when it came to “doing bad stuff”.

So at the beginning of every school year our principal would get everyone in the school to gather in the gymnasium for his beginning of the year speech. It was usually about how we were a school of excellence and how we want a good clean school this year. Part of his purpose too was to make a spectacle of any troublemakers. So he would say something like “don’t you want a school where people succeed and where students are responsible and they say ‘no’ to drugs?” And usually we’d clap to show our affirmation of that fact. then he’d follow up with “but if anyone here wants a school with drugs, a school where students party instead of study, just go ahead and show us that’s what you want by standing.” Every now and then some goofball would stand and then the principal would instruct the vice principal to carry that person (or persons) to the principal’s office and then that person would get in trouble. It was a lame set up.

So the first day of my junior year I’m sitting next to my friend Brad in this assembly. The principal is going on about having a wonderful year and then he starts “the speech”. He starts saying “don’t you want a school where homework gets done and students don’t do drugs.” And of course I agree with those things, so I was clapping and stuff. Well then a guy on the other side of me says something to me and it takes a minute (b/c of the noise) to get what he’s saying. Well I then turn my attention back to the principal in time to hear him say “if that’s the kind of school you want then stand up.” So I stand. My friend brad grabs my arm and say’s “what the heck are doing??” By the time realize what’s happened, the vice principal is on his way over to get me. While I was talking to that other person he had changed from talking about the positive stuff to the negative stuff. It took me an hour in his office to convince him that I didn’t realize he had changed the subject because, frankly, I wasn’t listening. Well I didn’t get in trouble but I was definitely the most popular kid in the 11th grade that day. I had all kinds of pot heads that I didn’t usually associate with come up and tell me “way to go, man! That was awesome.” Also I had to explain things to the goodie two-shoes around me when they asked “why did you do that?” As if I did it on purpose. So it took me the rest of that year to convince those in my class that I did not support drug use. Oh and mom was enraged over the whole thing and wrote a nasty letter to the principal demanding an apology to be given where everyone in the school could hear it. But that never happened. But I was in the limelight for a day (even if it was among pot heads and boozers).

Josh H.



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