The Beatles, Christmas and Tonsils

Here’s a strange Christmas story for you.

Look Ma! No tonsilsMy senior year of high school I had come down with tonsillitis. My doctor was adament that I have them removed since I had already fallen ill with the same illness earlier that year. My mother and I both were concerned about my missing out on too much school since I would be recuperating for approximately two weeks. The best time seemed to be during my 2-week Christmas break. So earlier one December morning in 1996 my mother drove me to the Houston County hospital for surgery.

The surgery went well and I was told how lucky I was because I would never have to worry about getting a sore throat again (which of course I never have). But that seemed unimportant at the time since I was in such pain. Every time I swallowed it was little gremlins were in my throat stabbing at it with so many little pitchforks (those little devils!). So I was bedridden and eating food that my mom broke up into small pieces. I also ate many popcicles since that was supposed to soothe the pain. And it worked pretty well.

At this time in my teenager-hood I was going through a Beatles phase. All I listened to was the Beatles. I could not getDo the Beatles have their tonsils? enough of Can’t Buy Me Love, Let It Be, Across the Universe, Get Back, and of course Hey Jude. And when Christmas day came I was still feeling pretty crappy. But my dear mother bought me the perfect gift: the Beatles Anthology video series. It was 8 tape video documentary chronicling the Beatles’ entire career. It was loooooong. So after opening it I settled into my bed again and hit play. I spent who knows how many hours watching that series during the rest of the time I was laid up. So as a result I have little nuggets of Beatles trivia stuffed away here and there in my brain. That was about 11 years ago so I have forgotten alot of what I learned. But every now and then some of it will pop up again.

Did you know that at one point in their career it was believed by many, many people that Paul had died and that the Beatles had an impostor pretending to be Paul in order to keep his supposed death a secret? True story.

Josh H.



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