The New Year’s Resolution Bandwagon

New Year’s resolutions is an obvious favorite for bloggers and for good reason. It makes for interesting reading as it gives you insight into the blogger’s life and habits, both good and bad. And I know that personally I have received much inspiration from reading the resolutions of others.

I was slow at developing a list of resolutions and even after much thought my list is still very short. This comes partly from my severe aversion to failure. I hate to not be good at something. This is unfortunate because it causes me to not even try some things because I see them as potential failures waiting to happen. So knowing that part of my psyche I tried to come up with resolutions that are realistic yet will challenge me in my life and even in my faith. I would really like 2008 to be a year in which I stop talking about the kinds of things that would enhance my life and happiness and try actually accomplishing some of them. For those of you who like New Year’s slogans that rhyme, you could sum up my resolutions with “Make things great in 2008.” Well, that turned out to sound kind of stupid…so let’s just get on with the resolutions.

  • Regular daily Bible study: Of course this is on the list of every Christian I know. But this particular resolution is near and dear to my heart because it is a habit that I laid down. After attending New Attitude ’07, I resolved to study my Bible daily for half an hour and to simultaneously keep a journal of my study and prayer. It was awesome. I started this habit and continued it for months. Then somehow it stopped. Chances are it began when I skipped a day here and skipped a day there. By Thanksgiving I was not doing it anymore. What a waste! That wonderful routine will begin again this year and my prayer is that it will pass from being a mere act of my will to being a way of life.
  • Become a better writer: Part of what I mean by “better” writer is becoming a more consistent writer. I have always enjoyed those who could take daily life and daily occurrences and turn them into stories that say something about themselves or other. Such stories are not always humorous. They can be quite serious but either way they are insightful and engaging. I know how to use words. I know how to tell a story. The issue for me is that I must stop looking at life as a series of unimportant, unrelated events with a few high points here and there. I want to see life as the adventure that John Eldredge describes and then tell others about it.
  • Learn a new skill: I have complained that even though I have a college education and I am smart person who can learn to do just about anything, I feel that many potential job opportunities are closed to me because I have no specialized skills and limited experience. Think about it: what is Josh known to be good at? Anything come to mind (besides guitar)? I have talented friends and they are all good at lots of things, but also they all excel in one particular area (sometimes two). I am only good at playing guitar. There are not too many guitar player jobs in the classified ads. So in 2008 I want to learn a new marketable skill either through education or by learning on my own on the side. Just what will it be? Don’t know yet. There are many things I am interested in so we will see what the new year brings.
  • Exercise again: In 2005 I lost 30 lbs. by walking 30 minutes a day and eating more modest portions at meal time. I still eat right but my exercise routine has disappeared. Thankfully I have only gained back 10 lbs. But I want to begin walking and bicycling again. But this time I want to work in some strength-building as well. So my plan is to walk/bicycle three times a week and then do some moderate weightlifting, push-ups, and the like two times a week. I don’t want to just be light on the scales but I also want to be in good physical condition.

That is only four but those are the four that I want most and feel are the most attainable. I have never written out and committed to new year resolutions before so it will be interesting to look back on this post 3, 6, or 10 months from now to see how it has gone. Wish me luck. And to you concerning your own resolutions I say “Make things great in 2008!”

Josh H.


1 Response to “The New Year’s Resolution Bandwagon”

  1. January 11, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    I thought it was “Open the gate in 2008”. Or something like that.

    You’re also good at riddles, provided you think of the right answer before you come up with a bogus one.

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