eBaying Old Stuff for New Stuff

I am the kind of person who likes to plan for a rainy day. I am strange bird because I am generally optimistic however I am also the type who says “…but you never know what may happen.” I expect the best but plan for the possibly unforeseen worst. This is the part of me that decided to keep our current computer and just buy a Macbook laptop to complement it instead of selling off the current computer to get us closer to getting the Macbook. My logic was even though the Macbook will do everything our current Mac Mini does and more, you never know when the scenario may crop up that we need two computers.

Now this brings me to the idea I have had swirling around in my head for the past few weeks. I own two Gibson Les Pauls, arguably the best guitar on the market. One is the much coveted Les Paul Standard, the quintessential rock guitar. I will never get rid of it because it is the guitar I dreamed of owning from the moment I began playing guitar. My other Les Paul is the popular though less coveted Les Paul Special. I have owned this guitar since 2002. I bought it because I played one at a studio where my band at the time was recording. It had a great vintage feel and sound. So I saved up some cash and bought one. It served me well as gigged for the following year. But then after I quit my band it went into its case and only came out occasionally. Once I purchased my Standard in 2004 the Special basically became my back up.

Fast forward to 2008. The thought cross my mind of selling the Les Paul Special and using the funds toward a Macbook for which I have been saving since last August. At the rate I am going it would take me until 2009 to save the necessary amount for the laptop. But the plan ahead part of me gasped: “What if I need a back up? What if ninjas come and chop my Standard in half? What if Smokey steals it because he needs it for his upcoming world tour? What if I get too excited on stage and go Kurt Cobain on my Standard*? What will I play?” The questions haunted me. So I put the idea aside.

That is, until I realized that I have played electric guitar live before an audience about four, maybe five, times since 2004. During those times I have not yet needed a “back up” guitar. At this time my wife also inadvertently helped me come to a decision. It came about this weekend when she decided that even though we paid a lot of money for our current bedroom suit and even though we went through a lot of trouble to get it, it no longer serves our purposes and does not fit in with the style that we are now going for in our bedroom. She has wanted to sell it before now but I held back because of the above reasons. But she helped me to see that it is silly to hold on to something for reasons other than sentiment when it stands in the way of your getting what you really need and can use. I saw her logic and agreed to sell the furniture. You can see how I was able to apply the same logic to my Les Paul Special. It sits in its case in my closet while I struggle to save up for a laptop that we both want and could really benefit from on a daily basis. So with this in mind I gathered my courage and took some pictures. You can now find my Les Paul Special making its debut on eBay.com, playing the part of Item number 180208860766. There seems to already be tons of interest in it and so if all goes well this Sunday when the auction closes Lyndsay and I will be so much closer to getting our new laptop. Keep your fingers crossed.

Josh H.

*This is highly unlikely since I have always felt that Nirvana’s destructive displays were always kind of stupid and uncalled for. I don’t mean any disrespect to the dead, I’m just saying.


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  1. January 21, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    All right! Good, although understandably difficult, decisions. Here’s to a great eBay experience!

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