Macbook En Route

The day has finally come! Back in August 2007 I decided to start saving for an Apple Macbook laptop. At the time my goal was to purchase a Macbook by April 2008 using only income earned from blogging. I was on track and doing well in obtaining this goal until my blogging income began to slow rapidly (mostly due to writer’s block). So I edited my goal and decided that I would purchase a Macbook by April 2008 using any income that is not a part of my regular income (i.e. paycheck). This was because I did not want it to become any kind of burden on my wife and I or our ability to pay our regular bills, utilities, etc. (in other words, I was trying to be a good steward).

Well, thanks to some great blogging opportunites, some generosity on my father’s part, the selling of a guitar I no longer played, and a wonderfully hefty bonus from my employer, I now have raised the funds necessary for the purchase a little over a month ahead of schedule. At approximately 8:15am on the morning of February 12, my wife Lyndsay placed the order for our new Macbook. And let me tell you, just ordering the thing has been an adventure.

Rewind to two days ago. Lyndsay called me during my lunch hour on Monday (Feb. 11) to declare to me that I get to order the Macbook. I sat stunned wondering what in the world she could be talking about. Had she sold her hair a la “Gift of the Magi”? No, that couldn’t be it. Her hair is already so short that she would have had to go skinhead (no laptopto do so (no laptop is worth that). Had a rich uncle died and left us a fortune? Of course it turned out to be less exciting than the latter (though I would have missed my rich uncle–whoever he is) and less romantic than the former. It was a bonus from my job. Management at my employer had been repeatedly stating that some employees may get a bonus or perhaps no one. They said it may be a large bonus or it may be next to nothing. They could not promise anything. They really instilled us with a lot of hope and anticipation.

So as you can imagine I could not be happier on Monday when Lyndsay told me the news and I looked forward to getting home so that I could place the order. Now we wanted to order it as soon as possible because we are going out of town on Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day. Of course this would mean paying extra for faster shipping but thankfully my bonus allowed the additional funds to do that. There was just one things standing in our way. The money that I had already raised was residing in an online savings account. I had to first transfer that money to our checking account before I could place the order. I figured that would set us back twenty-four hours but we could still pay for next day shipping and get it by Thursday. Well, twenty-four hours came and went. What made for extra nail biting was that the money was debited from my online account before it was credited to my checking account. By the time Wednesday morning rolled around I was ready to give my bank a piece of my mind. Where was my money? That money represented six months of savings. I waited until the bank opened at 8am Wednesday morning. Sidenote: I pretty much had to guess at when the bank opened since the bank’s hours are not mentioned on their website, in their Yellow Pages ad or on their telephone banking service. In fact on their website there is a section called “Location & Hours”, no hours are given. Only locations are given in that section of the site. Thanks a lot.

So I call the bank and am met with a number of options by an automated system. I choose to be transferred to an attendant. It rings once and then hangs up on me. Ok, I can handle the occasional glitch. So I call a second time and get the same result. So before I call a third time and start World War III with them, I decide, for whatever reason, to check my balance one more time. Miracle of miracles the money is there safe and sound. Finally, I can order my Macbook. And hopefully it is still early enough that we can receive it before leaving Friday morning.

I am just grateful that I was fortunate enough to be one of the chosen few who received a bonus and that the bonus was indeed a sizeable one at least by my standards. It really boosts your morale to be rewarded extra for your hard work. At any rate it was large enough to close the gap between what I had raised on my own and the amount needed to order the conveted Macbook. I was also able to order a wireless router, which will allow the Macbook to share an internet connection and files with my current Mac desktop computer, and the Applecare extended warranty.

And now you know…thhhe rest of the stau-reeey.

Josh H.


4 Responses to “Macbook En Route”

  1. February 14, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Josh, what?

    Uncle Keith died?

  2. 2 Amy
    February 14, 2008 at 11:46 am

    You should be extremely thankful for the “sizable” bonus since 6 people just got laid off due to the “lack of funding”. Interesting how things work!

  3. February 14, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    @Keith: no, Keith you’re still alive. Just go back to sleep.

    @Amy: yeah, I thought of that. Sorry. I’ll let you play with my macbook if you want.

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