The Confession of a Technological Hypocrite*

A while back I had a friendly slapping match with some of my social networking friends over whether or not it was better to blog or use a personal social networking page.  It was at a time when there seemed to be a sudden swell of interest in and activity on MySpace by my circle of friends.  I am now able to admit that I was merely afraid that this trend might hurt the great blog writing and reading network we had going.  However this has proven to be a false fear.

Well now my social networking friends can have their I-told-you-so’s.  I have joined Facebook.  Though I still have my prejudices against MySpace, I had begun to grow envious of the obvious enjoyment my wife gets from “writing on walls” and sharing movie quizzes with friends and other such fun on Facebook.  So I decided, reluctantly, to wade out into the social networking waters.  Granted, I set up my Facebook account over a week ago and have not visited it again since (look, I’m new at this).  However I am looking forward to seeing if there is anything to all the hub-bub and if social networking sites are as fun as everyone seems to think.

Anyway why Facebook?  Well to be honest Facebook just struck me as less juvenile, less “middle school” (I know there are many, like my friends, who use MySpace and are quite mature, so of course I did not mean you guys are juvenile in any way–just sayin’).  Also Facebook has a clean, simple design and layout that I like and it’s easy to navigate.

Now the only thing I have to figure out is what to call my page at Facebook.  Is the page itself a “facebook”?  Or do I call it a “Facebook page”?   MySpacers say “Visit my MySpace” (which sounds weird).  Should I say “visit my Facebook”?  “Visit my Face”?  Well, whatever you call it, I want to invite you all to visit my myFacebook page site account on the world wide web internet.  This is going to be scary.

And may kev, my partner in the resistance, forgive me.

Josh H.

*For any who thought the title of this blog meant that I might be turning back to Windows…fat chance!


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  1. 1 kev
    February 28, 2008 at 5:32 pm


    For shame, Josh. For shame.

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