St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

Today is the official national holiday of Ireland and is named for the patron saint of the island.  St. Patrick is estimated to have lived around the middle 4th century and was a missionary to Ireland.  Not much is known about him but much legend has sprung up including the belief that he drove snakes from Ireland.

It is a mystery to me why it is so celebrated in other countries besides Ireland (I know that many in the U.S. use it as an excuse to get drunk as they do with Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday).  But besides that, wearing green, pinching, getting pinched, and parades are a common part of St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Me?  I have spent today relaxing at home with my wife.  I took the day off following the Vida Nueva weekend I was working the past two and half days and I have been getting some much needed rest.

My wardrobe for the day? Red t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue tennis shoes.  No green in sight.  Sorry to be such a party pooper.

Do not let me get you down though.  Have fun and don’t be a-tryin’ to get me lucky charms.

Josh H.



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