Another Play: The Passion and the Glory

It seems that I have been making some serious connections in the local theater. Maybe I should go ahead and get an agent. I wonder if Jerry McGuire takes actors.

In celebration of Christmas 2007 Lyndsay and I performed in the Perry Players theater production of It’s a Wonderful Life. Through that play we made lots of acquaintances and a few good friends. One such good friend is our new pal Ryan Cruce–actor, musician, 80’s film connoisseur and all around nice guy. It was thanks to Ryan that I landed my second acting gig.

Some time ago Ryan’s mother wrote a passion play entitled The Passion and the Glory which portrays the story of Jesus’ ministry and life leading up to and including His death and resurrection. The play features a musical score made up of well-known hymns as well as classic and modern songs of praise (e.g. “Majesty”, “Behold the Lamb”, “In the Garden”, “Via Dolorosa”). First Baptist Church of Warner Robins, where Ryan and his family worship, has produced this play for a number of years and this year I was able to join them playing the part of Judas–disciple, traitor, and all around bad guy.

Another friend of Mr. Cruce’s was slated to play the part of the son of perdition but when that fellow had to drop from the play, Ryan turned to me. I was much more eager to do this play that I had been with It’s a Wonderful Life simply because I am now more experienced and know what to expect. I suppose I have gotten over any stage fright I may have had. So I accepted the part and began learning my lines which was not very difficult since I only have a small amount of dialog. My first two scenes are with Jesus (played by Ryan) and the other disciples as Jesus teaches us how to pray and then tangles with the Pharisees. Next Jesus and I attend a meal at the home of Simon the Pharisee where the woman of questionable reputation cries on and washes Jesus’ feet. After this comes the scene in which I speak. I meet with the Pharisees to arrange the betrayal and they show me the money. My third scene is at the last supper when Christ reveals that one of His disciples will betray Him (I don’t want to give that part away, so you will have to come see the play to see who it is). My final scene is in the Garden of Gethsemane. After Jesus rouses His sleeping disciples I enter with a Pharisee and some Roman guards; I deliver the fateful smooch, Peter whacks off a soldier’s ear, Jesus restores it and then is arrested and the scene is over. It is now off to the trial for Christ but Judas’ work is done…permanently.

I do have one other part as a different character. After the Garden scene I change outfits and then assist some other cast members in removing Jesus/Ryan from the cross and carrying Him to the tomb after the crucifixion. This is a difficult scene to pull off but I think that it is going well. We haven’t dropped him so that’s a good thing. Ryan told me that one year they did drop him. Yikes. I will be sure that does not happen this year.

Opening night was last night (March 20) and the play will run through March 22. The performance begins at 7pm each night. Admission is free so if you want to celebrate Easter by seeing a passion play then come check out The Passion and the Glory STARRING JOSH H. AS JUDAS ISCARIOT (and some guy playing Jesus) at First Baptist Church in Warner Robins.

Josh H.



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