Tune Up That Guitar…’Bama Style!

This past weekend in Alabama was loads of fun. It was great seeing our friends Clay/Hannah, Matt/Karen, Heath/Ann, Stephen, and Brandon. Also we met a great guy named Cory who was in charge of preaching the messages we heard during the various sessions throughout the weekend. His focus was God’s word. The truth he taught those teenagers (and us) was sound and very encouraging. Thanks, Cory!

However there was one aspect of the weekend that could have gone a little better. Really it was my fault because of a poor judgment call. You see, I just played with these guys back in February. Part of my preparation for that weekend was to change the strings on my Gibson Les Paul. However I have not played it since then and when it came time to change the strings for this weekend I decided against it. I really did not have that much time for last week was very busy and also I did not think they could be that bad off. Well “bad off” it was. Friday night went off without a hitch. But then Saturday morning was a little, shall we say, worse.

The song was “O Happy Day” and I was supposed to intro it with a lead riff accompanied by drums. Well Clay counted us in and I ripped into the riff like Slash at a G n’ R reunion gig. The only problem was the G string (go ahead and get your chuckles out) had gone just a little south of in tune. The result was a grating dissonance that forced us to stop so that I could re-tune and then begin again. This happened even though I had tuned moments before Clay’s count-in. Well that was funny (and embarrassing) enough but then the same thing happened Saturday evening, on the same exact song!

Josh & Slash
What I have not mentioned is that I was also having to tune between nearly every song. So from all this I learned my lesson. Change strings if it has been a long time between gigs. I know this. That is something you learn in guitar playing 101 but I thought I could get by. But the fates of rock n’ roll would not have it so. Nonetheless a wonderful time was had by all and Lyndsay and I came away with another hat full of great memories and more reasons to make fun of Alabama.

Thanks Matt for inviting me to play and for transportation to and from Scottsboro!

Thanks Clay for the great time watching you sensosketch!

Thanks Heath for the memory of seeing you do that funny fingers-in-front-of-your-mouth signal at me on stage!

Thanks Stephen for being the best roadie ever!

And thanks wives (Karen, Hannah, Ann, and Lyndsay) for being supportive, keeping us humble, cooking our meals, washing our clothes and reading us bedtime stories (what’s that? you guys’ wives don’t read you bedtime stories? Yeah, mine either. I mean that’s like all sissified. I mean who does that?).

Also, thanks Ann for not being sick anymore! Hope your little boy will be on the mend soon as well.

Josh H.


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  1. April 10, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Despite some tuning issues, I think it was a great weekend. Greatly enjoyed it, and all of our family is recovering nicely.

    Can’t wait for the next time!

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