Live the Dream

There are a whole lot of “guy” stereotypes out there. These make for easy jokes, even among guys themselves. There are stereotypes such as all men like getting together with their buddies to snack, drink beer, and watch a Sunday football game. Another stereotype is that when guys get together they burp and fart a lot (sorry, ladies I couldn’t think of any good euphemisms for these). Let’s see, what are some more? Oh, there’s the stereotypes that guys only like movies with high body counts, half-clad women and lots of cussing. I am reminded of TBS when they used to advertise their “Movies for Guys Who Like Movies” and the films shown were always those types of action films. Another stereotype is that men have certain dream sports cars that they lust over. Some lucky ones get to own their dream car (and they give a female name and treat it like a child).

Being the kind of person I am I can honestly say that I defy most of these stereotypes. I only like baseball and, for that matter, I only like watching the Braves. This is a relatively new development in that I did not start watching baseball until I met Lyndsay. And that is how I defy the second part of that stereotype–I watch baseball with my wife and we do not drink beer. As for the gaseous antics of some men, I think my guy friends would be as appalled as ladies if I were to “cut one” in front of them. The guys I am friends with are pretty intellectual and have good manners. I do not think they would put up with that kind of behavior. And while I greatly enjoy some cowboy flicks and a good action film every now and again, I do not appreciate half-clad women or too much bad language. And I have my limits when it comes to body count (the new Rambo film was quite disturbing, a fact to which my buddy Ryan will attest). However I also like films with a good story like The Lord of the Rings, and I really enjoy animated films such as those produced by Pixar.

Now about dream cars. In the last couple of years I realized that I am like a lot of men in the area of cars. Now I do not like all cars. There are some guys who are just into cars and speed and engines and what not. I am more like the guys who have an affinity for a particular car, such as the Ford Mustang. For most of my life, to me a car has been nothing more than a necessary appliance. You need a refrigerator to keep your food cool. You need an air conditioner to keep the temperature of your home comfortable. You need a car to drive to work. I mean just look at the two cars that I currently own: a 1990 Corolla and a 1997 Saturn. Neither of my cars are pretty to look at but the are paid for and they get the job done. But there is one vehicle that has always held a special place in my heart and now that I am grown I have begun thinking more and more about the possibility of someday owning my dream car. Those who know me best are already chuckling. Please don’t mock. I have loved this car since I first laid eyes on it around age 10. I am talking about the DeLorean DMC-12.

Yes, this the very same vehicle that Doctor Emmett Brown transformed into a time machine in Back to the Future. John Z. De Lorean (January 6, 1925 – March 19, 2005) had a vision for a sports car that was truly unlike any other. It was first introduced in 1981, had a brushed stainless steel body and a high, elitist price tag. When it was introduced it was printed in advertisements with the slogan “Live the Dream”. Enthusiasts were pre-ordering this vehicle like crazy wanting to be the first on their block to own the futuristic DMC-12.

The most unique feature about the DeLorean is the gull-wing doors. Something interesting I recently discovered about it is that the doors on the DeLorean require only a 14″ clearance which is less than that of traditional car doors. Despite the great anticipation surrounding this car, financial problems and scandal led to John DeLorean’s downfall and eventually the company went out of business in 1982 (having been founded in 1975). But many of the vehicles are still on the road and are being sold and collected by enthusiasts. And of course the car was all but immortalized in the Back to the Future trilogy.

It is very difficult to find a used DeLorean. There is a company in Texas who rebuilds them using authentic DeLorean parts. Also many are sold on eBay Motors and sell for between $12,000 and $20,000. As a general rule of thumb I will not spend more than $10,000 on a car. In this case however I will make an exception because not only is it a collector’s item but it will be more than an appliance to me. More than a necessary evil, it will be like owning a part of my childhood. I used to love pretending that I was Marty McFly zipping around the space-time continuum in Doc Brown’s greatest invention. I even plan on outfitting my DeLorean with a special license plate that reads “OUTATIME”. I suppose only those who have a similar icon from their childhood which mesmerized them can really understand where I am coming from. My desire to own this great car is not the living out of some pathetic mid-life crisis fantasy. I liken it to my desire to own a Gibson Les Paul guitar. From the time I started playing it was my dream guitar. Then in 2004 I was able to purchase a sunburst Gibson Les Paul. I was able to own something that had intrigued me as a child (and an adult). I have cherished all the times I have been able to use my Les Paul. I do not play electric guitar live very much these days but owning it is part of the dream. It is the same with the DeLorean. I will no doubt have great fun opening and closing the gull-wing doors. It will be a blast to irritate Lyndsay by calling her Jennifer (McFly’s girlfriend) whenever we go cruising in it. And when we hit the interstate I will be thrilled, nay ecstatic, to make time traveling noises with my mouth as we approach 88 mph. And heaven forbid that anyone mention the word “road” when riding in my DeLorean. They will be subjected to my quotation of “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need…roads.”

Lastly, the one main hurdle that most guys have for obtaining their dream car was no problem for me. Usually guys have to convince (or go against the wishes of) their wives, however my wonderful wife is totally on-board for this one. We know that we will probably have to purchase our DeLorean out of state because I have yet to find very many for sale within the great state of Georgia. So we have already discussed how great it would be to fly to where we purchase the car and then drive it back to Perry. What a great road trip that would be! But right now the DeLorean is still just a dream. I think shopping for it and anticipating it will be a large part of the fun of the experience. But I am also realistic (and a tight-wad). I know that there are numerous other things that must take place in our lives before I can look to owning this great car. For one, we will eventually have to replace one of our current cars with a good reliable new family car. That is simply a must. We also have some debt that we want to pay off which we are well on our way to doing. Finally there are some home improvement projects that we have been planning for a while now that we want to complete. So it may be five years or more before you see the gull-winged beauty sitting in our driveway. The wait will make it all the sweeter when the time has come.

Maybe I will name her Trixie, after my favorite cat.

Josh H.


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  1. May 20, 2008 at 9:51 am

    Trixie’s your favorite cat?! How dare you pick one as a favorite!!! Cally, Tom and Elwie might read this and what would they think then? 😉

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