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Okay, my wife tells me that sometimes I explain things too much and that it seems as though I doubt the other person’s competence in the task at hand. But I can not help it! I want to make sure people properly understand me or the thing they are supposed to be understanding. So if I am telling you some no-brainer information, please forgive me.

I want to nip in the bud some potential misunderstanding in how this blog works. Now without a doubt the best way to keep up with when I post (or when comments are posted) to the Smoak House is to subscribe via the RSS links to the right. There are a number of great RSS readers that can help you keep up with when your favorite blogs are updated. If you need help let me know.

However if you choose to simply just go and check all your favorite blogs each day to see if they are updated then I want you to be careful in how you interpret the Smoak House. The “Featured” article is not necessarily the newest. It is simply a way for me to highlight a particular article. If you scroll down below the Featured article you will find regular articles. I may post a Featured article and leave it up for a week but during that time I may post 3 or 4 regular articles but you have to scroll down below the Featured article to see those.

I was just noticing that my featured articles often got comments whereas my regular ones did not get as many (basically only the people that I know use RSS readers were commenting on the regular ones). Of course maybe my regular posts are less interesting or interesting to fewer people. That’s always a possibility.

So my apologies if I have insulted any one’s intelligence, but I felt that I needed to mention this just in case anyone was confused by the whole Featured article thing.

Josh H.



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