A Short Hiatus

I am afraid that you will not be hearing from me for a few days. It seems that my modem decided to step out with a cruel mistress named Lightning Storm. So I am currently without the internet until my new Motorola modem arrives from Amazon (the online retailer, not the South American river).

So take these next few days to check out a couple of links that I found to be cool/funny/neat/weird.

  1. Check out this guy’s work. He has taken clips from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” and removed the birds. The result is people running around and waving at…nothing.
  2. Only the musicians in the audience will care about this one. If you have considered purchasing an effects pedal for your electric guitar but want to know what it will sound like first, buzzfox will allow you to hear the effects before you buy.
  3. iGoogle. You can set up your own personal homepage with tons of widgets including news feeds, Facebook monitor, webmail inbox viewer, games and tons of other stuff. All you need is a Google username and password. You can also set different themes.
  4. It seems that humans might be able to see into the future after all.
  5. A cool song with a cool video: “Let Go” by Edison Glass.
  6. Remember the video by the band Ok Go that they made on treadmills? Well check out the great two-man remake these two amateur film makers produced.
  7. Holy Ghost Tees. I’m not sure what to say about this one.

See you on the other side.

Josh H.



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