Lightning Storm, Broken Network, Stuff at Work, and Other Things in My Life

Alright, guys and gals I am back in action. After a brief hiatus due to a lightning storm and a subsequently damaged modem I am back. Though computer-wise I am not back up to exactly where I was before. I have good reason to believe the lightning damaged my Mac Mini desktop computer. My Macbook is fine and I can still get online wirelessly same as I could before. But my Mac Mini no longer recognizes when I plug in an Lightning, I defy you! Ethernet cable (for those who aren’t down, the Ethernet or networking cable connects my Mac Mini to the router thus allowing it to get online as well as access my other computer). Granted we hardly ever use the Mac Mini for getting online and I only use it occasionally for managing some files, so it is not a huge problem for it to be unable to get on the network right now. Though one irritation is that I have my network set up so that my two computers can share my one printer even though the printer is only hooked up to my Mac Mini. Well now, in order to print from my wireless Macbook I have to go physically plug in the printer to the Macbook which I didn’t have to do before.

Stuff At Work

Work has been a nail biting experience lately. The first of the year we found out that there would be a delay in the renewing of one of our major contracts. This particular contract is also a huge source of income and workload for us. It has been a very secure contract in the past but due to some hold ups in the contracting office on base, it was delayed until the fall of this year. This resulted in the laying off of several of our personnel. This is the first time my company has had a lay off in the last ten years (that’s the word on the street anyway). Well, we be-bopped along and continued working on stuff for other sites since while we waited for our contract renewal. We also had another contract for which we were doing some work. Then in the spring…another lay off! This was getting serious. However we were assured this was the last. They honestly, scout’s honor, did not expect anymore lay offs.

Then the unexpected happened. The money budgeted for one of the contracts we were still working ran out . Not sure whose fault this is but it resulted in (all together now) another lay off. We are now working with nothing less than a skeleton crew. I could not believe it. Granted, the word all along has been that when our contract was renewed that the company would call these folks back. But still, in the meantime they were turned out and the rest of us were left stunned. Thankfully upper management was sensitive to the fear that had entered our minds and one of the big wigs gave us a conference call in which he attempted to allay our fears. This was last week. Usually our contracts are staggered so that they do not all end at the same time. But due to some of the unexpected situations I have mentioned here, we found ourselves with no contracts. The good news that came out during the telecon is that we are very close to renewing one of the contracts and that the long-delayed one is expected to come through in September.

Double scout’s honor with sugar on top, no more lay offs. Of course we were reminded that nothing is guaranteed but he (the big guy on the phone) seemed positive about what was on the horizon. We simply needed to get through June and July and then in July the first contract should come through and will give us work through the next year. When the second one comes through in September, it reportedly will give us work through the next two to three years.

Here’s something that has gone on behind the scenes that we could not openly discuss outside of work until today. BAE Systems has been in the process of purchasing our parent company, MTC Technologies. This deal was first announced back in December 2007. There had been some wrinkles to iron out but finally today the deal has been completed. As of this week I am an employee of the worldwide behemoth that is BAE. This deal opens up a ton of new business opportunities for my division and I am quite excited about what is on the horizon, assuming we can survive the next two months. We are not expecting any major immediate changes as a result of the acquisition. Our signs and branding will change to BAE immediately as well as our I.D. badges. But no other major changes are expected until perhaps next year. I am interested to see what the future will bring. But despite the now positive outlook, I still have my résumé up to date.

Our Nephews Are With Us:
Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Unclehood

Will and chandler, the children of my wife’s older sister, will be staying with us for the next few weeks. It has been fun so far. They can get out of hand some times but for Lyndsay and I they are usually pretty well behaved. This does not mean I have not had my share of chances to say "stop that", "leave him alone" and "how did you get your head stuck in the toilet". These little rascals are of course major video heads whose main hobbies include watching TV, watching movies and playing video games. Their resultant short attention spans make it difficult to find non-video things for us all to do together. Playing airsoft seems to work. Also this week Lyndsay will try to take them out and do some activities. I would love to see them reading more but they really just do not enjoy it. Anyway, no matter what we decide to do with them I know they will continue to be a source of humor and adventure. Another hobby of theirs is getting up in front of whoever is around and acting silly and show off weird things they can do, such as Chan’s ability to make his shoulder blades poke out really far. I need to go call my mother to ask if I ever acted as strange as these guys.

Oh, and just kidding about the head-in-the-toilet thing.

Josh H.


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  1. 1 kev
    June 9, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    I’m looking forward to the day when my nephew, Patrick, is old enough for me to ask HIM, "how did you get your head stuck in the toilet?"
    That will be a happy day.

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