Our Master Bathroom Goes Bye-Bye

Lyndsay and I have been planning to remodel our master bathroom for a while now. At different times we came up with various ideas of how we would like to change it. Finally we have the means thanks to Uncle Sam and the economic stimulus rebate.

The bathroom currently looks very outdated and if you have seen our home then you know that we don’t like drab outdated decor. So in order to jazz up our bathroom we have decided to start from scratch–new floor, new shower, new sink/vanity, new toilet, new paint, new storage. It’s going to be a completely different room.

The first step of course is to rip out the old stuff. So today I will start by removing hardware (e.g. faucets), removing a wall-mounted cabinet and basically getting everything ready to be dismantled. The first major piece to go will be the sink and cabinet. I will disconnect the sink and then rip it from the wall and carry it away. My next victim will be the tub. I will cover it with a drop cloth or tarp of some kind and then I will bash away at it with a sledgehammer (thanks to David Plunk for his tips on this procedure). Finally We will pull up the toilet and then the current linoleum floor.

Once the room is bare I will start doing any necessary repairs to the walls and floor where the current tub now sits and at the same time I will prep the floor for the slate tile that we are going to install. After this will come the shower stall (we will not be going back with a traditional tub), then the new toilet, and finally the new vanity cabinet and sink. We will also replace the light fixtures to something that suits the new look of the room. I know that it will take us a while but in a couple of months (hopefully less, but probably not) we will finally have the bathroom we have been daydreaming about for all these months.

For those of you who have used our bathroom during your visits, now is your last time to pay your final respects before I take my sledgehammer and crowbar in hand and rip that joker to smithereens.

Demolition is fun!

Josh H.



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