I Never Win Anything…Sort Of

Have you ever known someone who always has things go his way? More specifically, have you ever known someone who always wins stuff. He may just casually buy a $1 raffle ticket or fill out a contest form on a whim at the fair. And lo and behold the guy always wins! Well I am at the other end of that spectrum because I never win anything. I have entered my fair share of contests, drawings, raffles and such and I have never won. But last week something changed for me. I think it could best be summed up my an exchange between Marty McFly and school principal Mr. Strickland in the greatest story ever told, Back To the Future:

Mr. Strickland: I noticed your band is on the roster for the dance auditions after school today. Why even bother, Mcfly, you’re too much like your old man. No Mcfly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!

Marty: Yeah, well history is gonna change.

One of the many podcasts that I listen to is called Mac Geek Gab and it is a weekly podcast by John Braun and Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer in which the talk about issues, problems, and solutions that their listeners send in to them. Recently the Mac Geek Gab podcast held a contest in which they wanted listeners to right either a poem or a haiku about Mac Geek Gab and they would choose a few winners. Those winners would win the software program of their choice from show sponsor SmileOnMyMac. SmileOnMyMac is a company I am familiar with due to the fact that they sponsor several of the Mac-oriented shows to which I subscribe.

I was struck with an idea the moment I heard about the contest. I would send them a poem of haiku! Some might call it genius. So following is my poem that I sent into the Mac Geek Gab contest. But please keep in mind that I whipped this up in less than five minutes. I tried to be creative and have some good rhymes but I did not think about it too hard since I did not expect much (as demonstrated by my attempt to rhyme the second syllable of Windows with scolds. Yes, I know. So with that in mind I need you “real” writers (i.e. Leah) to go easy on me with your criticism.

By the way, the friend mentioned in the second stanza is my good buddy James O. Thanks, James!

A Story In Haiku

Back in the dark times,
Computing gave no delight
I was on Windows.

A friend saw my plight
He enlightened my poor soul
“Get a Mac”, he scolds.

iMac? Mac Mini?
What could all of these names mean?
I said, “I’ll start small.”

I received my Mac;
It was so white and so slick,
Mouse, Keyboard and all.

Was simple at first
But issues always arise,
Who could now guide me?

I needed some help,
I turned to podcasts for it,
Two gabbing Mac geeks.

Once I was clueless,
Computing was not my thing.
Then a Mac I bought.

Mac Geek Gab taught me;
I’m now a master of Mac,
Where once I was not.

I was delighted to hear my poem read on last week’s episode of Mac Geek Gab. I was dumbfounded when it was announced that mine was one of the winners! “Yeah, well history is gonna change.” Then today I finally received an email from the PR lady at SmileOnMyMac in which she congratulated me and asked permission to use my poem and name on the SmileOnMyMac blog. She also asked me which of their products I would like the license to.

Most of their products are very business-oriented and it was a little difficult choosing one that I could use and use on a daily basis. There was PDFPen for editing PDF documents (pretty cool, but the times I’d need it would be rare), DiscLabel (I rarely make discs for anything anymore), PageSender (some fax thing; don’t need it), BrowseBack (for finding web pages I’ve visited), and finally TextExpander (create shortcuts for common things I have to type so that I only have to type the shortcut and it expands into the full text associated with that shortcut; works in any program in which typing is required like email, browser, anything). TextExpander seems to be the most useful to me. So TextExpander is the one I have chosen. Normally TextExpander costs $29.95 so I am thrilled to be getting it for free. I will check it out and give a review of it here at The Smoak House.


Josh H.


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  1. August 8, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Congrats on your win!

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