Spotlight On My Past: Wearing PJ’s To School

When I was in school I rode the bus until I obtained a driver’s license. I was no more a morning person then than I am now and I usually had some trouble getting up in the morning. My mom would leave for work before my bus came and sometimes I would fall asleep again after she left. Not often, but it did happen occasionally. If it did I would usually wake up with only minutes to get ready and get outside to the curb to catch the bus.

In seventh grade I learned my lesson. I woke up late and had to rush like made to get ready in time. I through on some jeans and shoes, wet my hair, and brushed my teeth. It wasn’t winter yet but the air was getting nippy so I grabbed my jacket along with my backpack on the way out. I arrived to school and went to my home room without incident.

Now in my home room, it so happened that I had to sit next to a guy who was a real jerk. His family was really well off and his house was humongous and he loved to tease others. He especially enjoyed teasing those who were not a part of his “In” crowd. I, of course, was not a member of said crowd. I didn’t want to be because frankly I would have loved an opportunity to punch this guy in the face. Thankfully I had gotten along okay so far having to sit near him in home room. He talked to me some because, I guess, none of his real friends were in our home room so he had to talk to someone. But I always felt as though he could turn on me given the slightest opportunity because normally he and I would never fraternize.

So even though he had were at least civil in home room, I surely didn’t want to give him any ammunition. So this particular day in which I was really late I be-bopped into home room wearing my jacket and carrying my backpack. There was a wall with hooks where we could hang our jackets. I was one of the first ones there that day and only a few other students had arrived, one of whom was that guy. As I was taking off my jacket to hang on the hook, my back was to him and he began saying something to me. I hung up my jacket, turned to walk toward him and my desk and began responding to what he had said. As I turned and began to walk I touched my shirt for some reason. It didn’t feel like a typical t-shirt. It felt softer…fuzzier. I looked down with horror. You have to remember all of this takes a while to say but happened very quickly, in the time it took to take only a few steps toward my desk. I looked down and saw my usual sneakers. I saw my usual jeans. Then I saw my usual shi…*gasp*. This was not my usual shirt. It was the top to my pajamas!

What’s the big deal about that? Sure it was a pull-over type shirt with long sleeves. But it’s what was ON the shirt. I’ll just say it: it was Dick Tracy, ok. It was a cartoon image of Dick Tracy landing a haymaker across this bad guy’s face and proclaiming “I’m Gonna Rearrange Your Thinking!” Still doesn’t seem like a big deal? Here’s the clincher. You know how pajamas are made out of that soft fabric and that fabric seems to attract or produce little balls of fuzz or lint? Well there were thousands of them! And the shirt was black! The fuzzies were white!

In the split second it took to realize all of this I had turned on my heels and gone back to the hook and retrieved my jacket. I kept the jacket on the rest of the day. Even sitting in the gymnasium in PE, I wore the jacket. I was stinking hot! But I calmly told my inquiring friends “it’s kinda chilly today.” Liar. I just didn’t want them to get a good look at my childish sleepwear. In my mind the only thing that could have been worse was having to dress out for gym class only to realize you had worn your He-Man underoos that day and everyone got a gander at “Masters of the Universe” planted across your rear.

Longest day of my life. But I made it home. And I never made that mistake again.

Josh H.



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