Apple “Let’s Rock” Event

Apple Inc. sent out an invitation this week to select members of the media for a special event to be held Tuesday, September 9. Due to the timing of the invitation and the style of the invitation, it is pretty much assumed (and rightly so) that this will be an event for the announcement of some new iPods. It is typical for Steve Jobs to come out and announce new iPod revs or models prior to the holiday buying season. The month of September is usually the month of choice for such announcements.

There was speculation everywhere of a completely new iPod Nano design, a new iPod Touch and probably a host of other things many of which are quite unlikely. But I can sum up the event for you in once sentence: The product(s) announced will once again dominate Christmas lists and achieve such a cool factor, nay, star status, that any kid who finds a Microsoft Zune under the tree on December 25 will immediately conclude that either he was a very bad boy this year or his parents no longer love him.

You can now head over to Apple’s website and choose which new iPod you want on your Christmas list. The new iPod Touch has been reduced in price (though not by enough, in my opinion) and now features a mobile App store, built-in speaker for casual listening and new high-quality earbuds. Or you can choose the completely redesigned and repackaged iPod Nano. The most to change about this product is the form factor. Time will tell whether the “fatboy” version or this new slimmer form factor will be most conducie to video viewing. Me? I will be staying with the first-generation iPod Nano that I have. Mostly because I want a light Christmas so that we can have some extra funds to fix our broken Macbook screen. So yeah. I’m getting a new Macbook screen for Christmas.

I think I need to go sob in a corner.

Josh H.



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