Guitar Praise: Yes, That Is What It Is Called

On moral grounds most Christians do not support cloning. Well, not the cloning of humans anyway. Enter: Guitar Praise by a company called Digital Praise (how cute). This new game, to be released later this month, grabs Guitar Hero by the chords and it catches it up to the third Heaven. That’s right, trade in that harp, grab yourself a Guitar Praise axe, and kerrang for the kross! I mean, cross.

I am a Christian who listens to Christian music only and I am familiar with all of the artists that have been included on the Guitar Praise game (though I am most definitely not a fan of them all). These artists for Guitar Praise range in style from acoustic pop (Caedmon’s Call) to teeny-bopper punk/pop (Superchick) to post-hardcore hard rock (Flyleaf and Spoken). Quite a gamut.

I am surprised by many of the artists on here because, unfortunately many of the more creative, experimental or hard rock acts that are Christians get painfully overlooked by the mainstream Christian music machine. I know many secular bands have the same problem. So I was extremely surprised to see my favorite band Spoken, who gets practically no mainstream attention, on a game like this alongside more well-known Christian radio giants like Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster. Too bad they didn’t include Stryper. They seem like prime candidates for this sort of thing.

But this doesn’t change the fact I’m disappointed in this Christian company for making such a rip-off product. I’m sure it will be fun for those playing it and it will set parents’ minds at ease (unless they’re offended by hard rock in which case they may not like the songs by Red and Skillet and Spoken). However it has been a huge gripe of mine for a long time that Christians are supposd to be positively impacting culture. Yet so many times we come up with cheesy ways to copy and re-package pop culture. And it comes off extremely embarassing. I mean, “Guitar Praise”? That sounds ridiculous and just screams “please make fun of us.” The first four books of the New Testament record Christ challenging the status quo and encouraging his contemporaries to think higher, deeper, and broader concerning God and lives and their worldviews. The apostles carried on that tradition.

I’m proud of Christian artists like POD, Relient K, and Switchfoot for being able to be themselves (i.e. proclaim what they believe) and still create music that gets the attention of the public and causes other acts to sit up and take notice. How long it will be before Christian companies in other industries will learn to do the same is yet to be answered.

But either way, I will not be buying this game. I am a guitar player of 15 years and therefore very bad at Guitar Hero. Funny how that works.

Josh H.



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