More Crocs: This Is Too Much

This is just absolutely stupid!

Crocs are bad enough for your feet. But now Verizon Wireless sells phone cases….shaped liked Crocs. Oh and you know they’ve sold some! Will the madness never end? And the best part? They’ve dubbed them “crocs-o-dials”. They come in pink and purple. Oh joy.

See for yourself.


1 Response to “More Crocs: This Is Too Much”

  1. 1 Renee
    October 14, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Actually, I think they’re kinda cute in a tween/teen/valley-girl/California-surfer sorta way! I mighta bought one when I was a teenager (not now of course, I mean, how stupid would that look for a 30ish stay-at-home mom?).

    Anyway, in defense of crocs, I LOVE them for my kids! They can play in the mud, rain, dirt, grass, water, pond, anything – they never lose their color, shape, and clean up with no effort at all. From a mother’s point of view, as a summer shoe – they are priceless! Again, I would probably never buy them for myself (for the same reason as stated above), but I must admit, I’ve been tempted 😉

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