Ideology Aside

This is going to be one from the heart. The gloves are off. I want to try and put ideology aside and honestly say why I fear the election of Barack Obama (or any liberal for that matter).

In 2009 my health benefits will change…again. I have worked for the same company for five years and during that time I have had four different health care plans. This is mostly due to the fact that we have been acquired twice. But each plan has been more expensive than the one before it. This new plan will be no different.

Here’s why this is a problem for me. I will be paying $20 more per pay period in 2009 than in 2008 for health insurance (this doesn’t include vision or dental). That doesn’t sound like much but if you saw the actual dollar figure you’d see why this is a big deal for me. Thankfully (it’s sad that I even have to say it that way) we do not have any children because the cost of the new health plans are much more for families. I am not sure what we’d do. Our standard of living would be greatly reduced.

However this hike in my health insurance (though there is plenty to be mad about there) would not be near as a big deal for me if it wasn’t for that little box on my paycheck just below my salary. I’m talking about the one that says “Federal Tax”. Every paycheck the government takes a whopping $75 out of my check–that’s not including what is taken out for Medicare and Social Security.

Now I get absolutely teed off when I hear those bozos, those low-life liars, on Democrate campaign commercials accusing FairTax supporters of simply wanting to “charge a 23% sales tax on nearly everything you buy.” In the Senate race in my home state the Democrat Jim Martin has pulled that crap. You better get your freakin’ facts straight, Jimmy Boy. Yes, Saxby Chambliss supports a 23% tax on items we purchase. But at the same time this FairTax will ELIMINATE the payroll tax. It will ELIMINATE taxes manufacturers pay for the components that go into the products they make (because the 23% tax will only be charged at the cash register). It would ELIMINATE capital gains taxes to free up more money that can in turn be reinvested…can you say “cha-ching” for the whole bloody country? In addition the FairTax would ELIMINATE the IRS. This disgustingly bloated organization would be unnecessary in this system. So all those pencil pushers can be let go and hopefully go get jobs that actually help the economy. Perhaps instead of stealing money for a living, they will go provide real services such as accountants, managers, bankers and lawyers. The FairTax is fair because it taxes products, not income/success. That’s the way it was when this nation started. The government taxed PRODUCTS! It is fair because if you don’t want to pay taxes, then don’t buy anything. It puts paying taxes at the consumer’s discretion. I know taxes are necessary and government has a right to collect taxes under the Constitution….


…those taxes which are collected are meant to be used for maintaining a proper military, providing quality infrastructure (e.g. roads, necessary government facilities) and the like. Stop using my tax dollars for vote-buying, mass manipulation of the citizenry, and for fat cat pensions and paychecks for politicians.

I understand all of the conservatives who are not happy with John McCain’s record, but you don’t have to turn to the most liberal man in the bunch! There are plenty of alternatives to Obama. There’s the Libertarian candidate, the Constitution party candidate and others. Obama has promised a lot. He has backed off of a lot of it because he has begun to see that some of the government programs he wants are too expensive. But he will find a way if he can because he believes Socialism is the way to go. He doesn’t like to call it that but what else CAN you call it? What he doesn’t realize is that all men are created equal but that doesn’t mean all men behave the same. Lazy people exist. Moochers exist and they are sucking money out of my pocket as I write this. I do not feel that I can afford to have my own children because I’m paying for someone else’s. This is a sad state of affairs.

Do not base your vote simply on the war in Iraq. Yes, Obama has said he will end the war immediately (though he probably won’t), Iraq is NOT the only issue at stake. There’s taxes, bloated government programs, the rights of the unborn…you want to throw all of that on the back burner just because you disagree with our extended presence in Iraq? We can not afford to let this be a one issue election. We just can’t.

I’m not talking about ideology. I’m talking about my ability to survive. Regardless of the outcome of this election I will continue to work and pay my bills and live my life independent of the government in as much as is possible. I will resist Socialism and Communism tooth and nail. I am not saying that Obama will turn America Socialist inside of four years, but he could lead a potentially liberal Congress to inact policies that will lead to Socialism. If that were to happen, it would usher in an age of government tyranny and loss of freedom that this country has yet to see. Sure, it’ll seem fine and dandy for a while, but all it takes is one Stalin, one Hitler, one Castro, to plunge us into oppression, silence, poverty and ruin. May the founding fathers forgive us for what we’ve done with fruits of their labor and the degree to which they sacrificed “[their] Lives, [their] Fortunes and [their] Sacred Honor.”

Josh H.


2 Responses to “Ideology Aside”

  1. November 2, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    I am not saying that Obama will turn America Socialist inside of four years, but he could lead a potentially liberal Congress to inact policies that will lead to Socialism.

    And that’s just the problem. It’s the frog in the pot of water: we’ve had Social(ist) Security for decades now, and other welfare handouts have had the cloak of decent draped over them in the form of “welfare reform”. Socialism may well be the death of this country because of so many years of incremental encroachment, but if Obama is elected despite his stated outright socialist stance, it may become clear to the progressives that the time has come for a more aggressive approach.

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