Seabird: Great Piano Alt Pop

It seems my frank expression of my political views has been getting me in trouble lately. So here’s something we can all enjoy together.

Seabird is a band that I discovered a few months ago. I just love piano-led rock when it’s done right. It can easily be too poppy but Seabird pull it off well. They are on Credential Records with another favorite of mine, Future of Forestry. Here is the video for their song “Rescue” which is a very well done, psychadelic surreal kind of clip. Their song “Black & Blue” is also a really good song which you can find on iTunes and other places. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Seabird: Great Piano Alt Pop”

  1. 1 angi
    November 5, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    I love this song! I haven’t actually heard TOO much of this band’s work but this song, I have heard before, and I really like. Piano-driven rock/alternative is my all-time favorite, too, as long as it doesn’t get too poppy, like you said.

  2. 2 angi
    November 5, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    Oh, and I forgot, who cares if your frank expression of political views gets you in trouble? Keep up the frank expression, keep speaking truth. It will never be popular, we might as well get used to it (speaking to myself there as well). Prayer is extremely important, I will never disagree with that and it’s something we should be doing 24/7 the rest of our lives, not just during an election season, but we’re also told to be speakers of truth and light in the darkness. So keep it up! 😉

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