Change Even I Can Believe In

Texas Representative Louis Gohmert has a wonderful economic stimulus plan. No, it doesn’t include spreading the wealth around. Lowering taxes? Sort of. Here is the bill Congressman Gohmert is preparing: give working Americans a two-month tax holiday. That means for two months you will bring home what you gross! Granted you’ll still pay your part of health insurance, but that’s not a tax. I’m talking no taxes coming out of your pay check. What you earn is what you keep for two whole months.

How much would that be for you? Would it help you pay off one of your doctor bills or one of your credit cards. It would me. Would it allow you to get ahead on some repairs around your house or to your car? Instead of “stimulating the economy” by taking tax payers’ money to bailout irresponsible companies, give the taxpayers’ own money back to them for two months and let them spend away.

“But,” you say, “that is only for two months.” Well that’s the beauty of such a plan is that it also is a means of starting a revolution. The evil thing about witholding is that most people don’t notice how high taxes are because they never look at their pay stub to see what the government is really taking out. That’s why I love the Fair Tax. All taxes are eliminated except a 23% sales tax and you only pay that when you purchase something that is not a food or clothing item. Paying taxes in put at YOUR discretion. But as it is, we are being robbed blind, literally, because no one bothers to look at their paychecks and compare their gross with their net. The elimination of the income tax would put $684 a month back into my paycheck. That’s about the amount of my monthly mortgage payment! Right now it’s as though I am paying my mortgage twice and only one of those payments gets me any equity. Take a moment this Friday and look at your paycheck stub. Compare what you make to what you actually take home.

After doing so get online and shoot off an email to your Representative and your Senators and encourage them to take a good hard look at Congressman Louis Gohmert’s proposal. Don’t say “yeah, I should do that sometime” or “I guess that’d be a good idea.” Do something. Head over to Representative Gohmert’s site and read up on his proposal and then put a fire under your representatives. “I may be forced to give my vote to someone else in the next election” would probably be a good sentence to throw into that email.

Here are some ways you can help.

Josh H.



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