Christmas Under Attack by…Christians?

Every year around the holidays there seems to be this tired movement in the church whereby believers are encouraging others not to celebrate Easter and Christmas because of the pagan origins of those days. *yawn*

My good friend Matt recently wrote about this debate on his site Shared Ignorance. Rather than rehash my argument here, click the link and head over to Matt’s post about it and read my comment there. Leave a comment here or at Shared Ignorance letting me know what you think. Do agree with Matt and I? Disagree? Let’s hear it.

But I mean, taking the approach of some people we might as well do away with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and yes Sunday, the names of which being taken from pagan names and ideas. Maybe we should change the days of the week to Petersday, Johnsday, Jamesday, Paulsday, Matthewsday (T.G.I.M.), Marksday and Jesusday. And don’t get me started on the months of the year. Johnuary? Paulgust?

Josh H.



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