Senate To Vote On Socialist Healthcare Bill Soon

If you haven’t heard of the SCHIP bill, it is a socialistic piece of legislation that will provide government-run healthcare to children for families making up to $80,000

Now call me crazy, but if you’re pulling down 80,000 big ones and you can’t afford a simple health insurance policy then you are seriously mismanaging your finances. But besides that top supporters of the bill have stated gleefully that this brings one step closer to universal health care. Also Neal Boortz reported that the bill contains “a provision that would prohibit doctors from referring patients to hospitals that they (the doctors) have an ownership interest in. So we are talking about physician-owned hospitals. The private sector shall have a limited role in health care – how dare these providers of medical care actually own a facility for providing medical care? This makes about as much sense as forbidding a mechanic from owning the garage where he works.”

The House has already passed it and it is up for discussion now in the Senate. Let me give you some perspective. This very same bill has passed Congress twice before but was not enacted thanks to vetoes by George W. Bush both times. What is to stop it from passing into law this time? Call or email your Senators (Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss if you are in Georgia) and demand that they vote no on this bill.

Josh H.



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