Whopper Cologne Does Not Equal Good Food

“The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

I am not sure how to take this. Burger King has their own cologne. It is called Flame. The slogan for this new scent is “Fire meets Desire”. Sounds interesting. But by some accounts I have heard it smells like…well, it smells bad. It supposedly gives off a flame-broiled scent (translation: it smells like a hamburger).

There is something funny going on at BK. Over the past few years their marketing campaign has been interesting if not genius however I still do not know anyone who enjoys eating there. By the same token, nearly everyone I know loves the amazing marketing efforts of Geico, but I only know of one person who might actually be saving a ton of money on his car insurance…and he works there. Burger King has truly given Geico’s advertising burger-king(gecko, cavemen) a run for its money in the creativity department. Remember when Burger King first introduced the King? Basically it was a guy (I suppose it could have been a female) dressed in kingly garb with an oversized head complete with medieval beard and mustache and sporting a crown. The gag for a while was a “wake up with the King” bit to promote BK’s breakfast menu. Unsuspecting citizens would awaken to start their day only to find the very creepy-looking King in their bed or bathroom or elsewhere in their home. Strange, but humorous.

But a cologne? They even have a website for Flame and other than the fact that it smells like a burger there is not anything particularly humorous about it. Again I do not know how to take this. I can not figure out if Burger King is serious or not. Are they going for the same creepy but funny factor that they tapped with the King or do they really hope guys will spray Flame on themselves, enjoy it, and be so pleased with the success with the ladies that it brings them that they become loyal Burger King customers?

It is really kind of surrealist of them is it not? I mean, the juxtaposition of charbroiled burgers with personal body scent and romance is startling. I feel about this advertising campaign the way I do about any art that I have ever viewed in a public gallery: I feel like I should get it and I would feel more intelligent if I did, but I simply do not. An “art person” can look at a painting of a blue barn in the desert and declare “this touches my soul on so many levels.” I can look at the same painting (and I am not an uncultured guy in my opinion) and declare “ha! Yeah right. Like, who’s going to build a barn in the desert?!” Is anyone else getting something more out of the Flame advertising campaign because I am just not connecting the dots. Like, who’s going to spray hamburger smell all over themselves?!

Josh H.


1 Response to “Whopper Cologne Does Not Equal Good Food”

  1. January 21, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    A teenage girl. Within 1 week, the most popular girl in school. After all, what guy doesn’t like hamburgers? Another potential customer: the arch nemesis of a dieter. Spray their cubicle with the flame-broiled-scented goodness and watch as the dieter twitches and drools all day. Third customer: the dog trainer. Spray the cologne where you want the dog to go. I can see a big market for this in the movies. Want Lassie to lick Timmie’s face? Spray Timmie with eu de hamburger.

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