Quote from Chuck Colson’s Break Point Podcast

On the most recent episode of Break Point Charles Colson quotes theologian Carl Henry and then adds his own commentary on the involvement of Christian people in the political and social processes of this country:

“‘The Christian populous fails its contemporaries if it postpones all protest until a state becomes so corrupt that revolution seems the only course of action.’

We Christians simply can not afford to fail our contemporaries by withdrawing, especially now when so many have an agenda that devalues life and weakens families. The tension to retreat into religious isolation is not new. After Jesus’ ascension some in the ealry church were ready to withdraw from the affairs of men and simply wait for Jesus to return. Paul repeatedly and sternly had to remind them to get back to work, to do good to their fellow man, and to regularly meet together. They couldn’t check out early and neither can we.”

There may be times when revolution is the only alternative but that should be a last resort when tyranny has become so oppressive and overwhelming that the state becomes the ultimate enemy to life and liberty. There is another mode of socio-political change and it is this: the message that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and that He was sent to save sinners and restore them to a right relationship with God and that is something man could have never accomplished on his own.

The gospel is the greatest and most eternal revolution that can happen to any people. It can destroy oppression and crush tyranny. It can make brothers out of enemies, servants out of despots, and saints out of sinners.

Josh H.



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