A Bit of Jeeves & Wooster

Last year I discovered P.G. Wodehouse’s wonderful stories of Jeeves, the valet, and the humorous dim-witted gentleman  he serves named Bertie Wooster.  Not long thereafter Lyndsay and I found that some years ago there was a British television series called “Jeeves and Wooster.”  The part of Jeeves was played by Stephen Frye and the role of Wooster was played wonderfully by one of my favorite actors, Hugh Laurie (“House, MD”).

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the show. It depicts one of the many times Bertie gets Jeeves to help him fill out a song he is trying to sing.  If you enjoy it, you can get “Jeeves and Wooster” DVD’s from Netflix.  You should really check out the show.



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