Two For the Price of…Two

I have never done this but I made an eBay blunder. Nothing major. Just annoying. Here’s what happened.

As I have written before I own (a so-dang-awesome) cherry sunburst Les Paul Standard. This is my dream guitar and I feel so lucky to own it. But needless to saying being over a decade old, she is showing her age somewhat. Some of the plastic parts have started to crackle and a couple of weeks ago the cap on my toggle switch broke completely.

For those who do not know what I mean, a guitar’s toggle switch is used to switch between the guitar’s pickups. The pickups are the magnetic receivers located underneath the strings that capture the vibration of the strings. Most guitars will use two (or even three) different types of pickups which can be mixed and matched via the toggle switch selector to achieve different tones. The cap on the toggle switch is a decorative cap usually made of plastic.

Well I had some extra dollars burning a hole in my PayPal account so I decided I would hop on eBay and see what I could see. I did not use my computer however since I was at work. Instead I used the eBay application on my iPod Touch. I found a guy who had a host of Gibson brand toggle switch caps for sale. They were listed as “Buy It Now” so I would not have to go through the auction process.

I found the one I wanted for $5 and I selected it. I then clicked the glowing “Commit to Buy” button. Nothing happened. I touched elsewhere on the screen and nothing. I realized that the eBay application had crashed. So I pressed the iPod’s home button to return to the main screen and then I re-launched the eBay app. I navigated back to the item and commited to purchase it. Next it was time to head over to my Mail app to check out the confirmation email that eBay would send me stating that I had purchased the item.

Here’s the funny thing: I received two emails. For two different items. Yes, though the interface did not respond, the first time I pressed “Commit to Buy” it actually did register as a purchase. So I had purchased two, count ’em, two toggle switch caps…for one toggle switch.

This happened at about 8:00am and so I quickly wrote to the seller explaining my predicament. No response. After work I wrote him again and as a move of good faith I even paid for one of them so he would know I was serious. No response. The second cap just sat there waiting for my money (which I was not going to pay since it was an absolute mistake). I did not hear from the seller until 11:00pm. To my great relief he had no problem with cancelling the second transaction. Whew! It only would have cost me about $15 or so total for both caps plus shipping. But I didn’t want to pay $15. All’s well that ends well.

Moral of the Story: If you click a “Commit to Buy” button, regardless of what the GUI does, check your email before doing it again.



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