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So Obama’s Gonna Help Me Get an Auto Loan

I was just watching the President give a press conference about the stimulus package. One thing he said stood out to me among all the rhetoric. He said that part of the purpose of this package is to “help” banks (read: take over banks) to be able to loan money for autos and homes at affordable interest rates.

I wish that the President was a Smoak House reader. That way I could tell him that when the economy is down so are interest rates. I learned that in…hmmm, let’s see….Economics 101 in college. And that was at Macon State College. Obama attended Harvard!

Furthermore I would like to tell him that last week, during a recession, without his stimulus package I bought this brand new 2009 car…

Look, Ma! No Government Aid!

Look, Ma! No Government Aid!

…and I financed it for five years at an interest rate of 5%. Not bad for the good ol’ free market, eh?

This quote by Ronald Reagan has been trumpeted far and wide but I feel I must remind you of it:

“Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.”

ps: I sure wish I had voted for Ron Paul.


Politicians Can Not Follow Their Own Rules: The Missing Principles

First there was the revelation that President Obama’s selection of Treasury chief Timothy Geitner failed to pay $43,000 in self-employment taxes in 2004 (and it is suggested that there were years prior to that in which he avoided paying taxes). He said it was “an honest mistake”. I suppose he simply forgot to pay that 43 grand. It probably would have slipped anyone’s mind. Then came the debacle of Tom Daschle who for the second time is having to leave Washington with his tail between his legs, the first time being his defeat at the polls during the last mid-term elections. He withdrew as Obama’s health secretary Tuesday when he admitted to owing $140,000 in back taxes. Finally there is Nancy Killefer who was slated to be the first “performance officer”. I do not have to tell you that she too had to withdraw because she was knee deep in tax issues.

So these are the folks that President Obama thought were worthy to lead this nation? Politicians past and present (like Daschle) have the gall to levy a complex, arcane, crushing tax system against us when they themselves can not see fit to obey it? And it is not just Obama’s recent cabinet issues. Throughout the 20th century and now the 21st century the White House and Congress have been riddled with embarrassing unnecessary scandals.

Separation of Church and State? You Wanted It, You Got It

So-called progressives never let us forget that fateful letter once written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danville Baptists concerning the establishment of a religious denomination at the federal level. Today Jefferson’s phrase “separation of church and state” is taken out of context and misused to flush all remnants of religious sentiment from government. Unfortunately integrity, honesty, and virtue have been flushed away as well. Indeed if I were in charge there are several principles from the Judeo-Christian value system that I would be clamoring to recapture.

1. Bad company corrupts good morals. It is sad that many aspiring politicians can not live up to their ideals once in office. They become corrupted. The number of back room deals and under-the-table favors is disgraceful. If I were president and any of my people were caught in any deal that was not above board then they would cease to be “my people” on the spot. That goes for staff and associates.

2. With all thy getting, get understanding. Wisdom is knowing when to change something and when to let it alone. Wisdom is also not rushing into a decision to please the impatient majority but it involves care and foresight, and the maturity to live with a decision.

3. Your sin will find you out. Geitner and Daschle have been sitting pretty assuming their tax cheating was slyly executed and undetected. I am sure it never crossed their minds that it would be made so humiliatingly public to the embarrassment of one of their own party’s shining stars, Barack Obama. It pays to simply do the right thing every time. Not even politicians are above the law.

4. The laborer is worthy of his hire. Let businesses alone to run their companies in the most efficient, profitable, and responsible way possible. A company should not be forced to pay a worker a $7.25/hr minimum wage when the worker is doing $4.00/hr worth of work. By the same token a worker has the right to leave a job for a better job at any time. Any individual has the right and opportunity to get a quality education (even if it is just a high school education) and thus find better employment opportunities,. but too many throw those educational opportunities away and expect others (such as government) to pick up the slack.

5. Ask for the ancient paths wherein is the good way. The Constitution is a good document yet is being subverted. Let’s follow it. The founding fathers sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for the sake of the liberties that it protects therefore we can be sure that they poured every bit of their good sense, logic, and understanding into it. And they were no dummies. If politicians are going to claim to follow and submit to the Constitution then they had better do it. If they do not believe that it accomplishes the task then they should write a new one. But they should not parade around as upholders of the Constitution all the while ignoring the delegated powers it enumerates.

Josh H.


Complete School Choice In Georgia?

I just found out about proposed legislation (though a bill has not yet been filed) for allowing complete school choice in Georgia. State Senator Eric Johnson (R-Savannah), president pro tem of the GA Senate, has suggested that the Georgia school system begin using vouchers and school choice. This would allow a student to attend any school any where, public or private. I’m very interested in what the teachers among us think of such a proposal. A few points of Johnson’s proposal are:

*State funding would follow the student, though local funding would not.
*Each school’s council will determine what students it accepts based on its capacity, the student’s grades or other criteria.
*The proposal would require parents to provide transportation to the new school.

By the way, thanks to Stephen who recently hooked me up with a “Georgia political news” RSS feed you will probably start seeing a lot of my banter begin to lean toward state news. I am very excited about this since I have long lamented the fact that I feel unplugged from Georgia’s goings-on. Thanks again, Steve.

And if you want to subscribe to said RSS feed, here it is:

Just drop that in your favorite RSS reader/manager and you’re off! But be warned–it pulls a lot of information and not all of it may be pertinent to you.

Josh H.


Pardon Me, But Your Socialism Is Showing

The following disturbing story was taken from

How long have I been telling you that this who global warming scam was basically an anti-capitalist campaign? I’ll answer that for you. Years.

When global socialism collapsed in the late 1980s and the Communist Soviet Union failed the world was filled with desperate socialists and anti-capitalists looking for a new base of operations. They found this new base in the environmental movement. They saw environmentalism as a way to attack capitalism rather than a way to act responsibly for cleaner air and water and reasonable environmental regulations. So environmental movements suddenly became flooded with rejected socialists and communists happy to find a moral base upon which to build their case against free enterprise. The founder of Greenpeace once remarked of his surprise at suddenly finding his headquarters populated by people wearing Mao hats and berets with cute little red stars.

Enter Barack Obama. We made quite the big deal of Obama’s self-professed intrigue with socialism and communism during the campaign. It didn’t seem to matter to the voters all that much. Maybe you’ll give that a second thought now that Obama has made his choice for a global warming czar — and in this case “czar” is exactly the right word.

Her name is Carol Browner, and she was the EPA head under Clinton. More evidence, if you’re looking for it, that this will be the third Clinton term. Since leaving the White House eight years ago became one of the leaders of a socialist group called the “Commission for a Sustainable World Society.” Browner’s name and bio was featured on the web page for Socialist International. It mysteriously disappeared last week. They did forget to remove a picture of her making a speech to the Socialist International World Congress last June … along with such luminaries as the speaker of the Russian Legislatures upper chamber, the vice minister of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, and a former minister of employment and social affairs of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Worker’s Party.

Browner’s confirmation does not need to be approved by the Senate.

So now we have someone who seems to be strongly connected to the socialist movement running our global warming response. Nice.

Nice indeed.

Josh H.


Gohmert Tax Holiday Is a Bill

I wrote recently of the 2-month tax holiday proposed by Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert. Well on December 9 Gohmert’s proposal became [just a] bill [sittin’ on Capitol Hill]. H.R. 7309 has been introduced with numerous co-sponsors and has gone to the House Ways and Means committe.

Now, I’ll be realistic. Most bills never make it out of committee. That’s the double-edged sword of our legislative system. It can be very hard for politicians to make changes but on the other hand it can be very hard for politicians to make changes. KnowwhatImean?

But in the meantime it might be good to write or call your Representative and encourage him or her to support or even co-sponsor H.R. 7309. Who knows? I know a two-month holiday would not make millionaires out of any of us, but it would greatly raise awareness in the public conciousness of the extremely high taxes that are witheld from our checks. And subsequently it could lead to tax code revolution.

Josh H.


Change Even I Can Believe In

Texas Representative Louis Gohmert has a wonderful economic stimulus plan. No, it doesn’t include spreading the wealth around. Lowering taxes? Sort of. Here is the bill Congressman Gohmert is preparing: give working Americans a two-month tax holiday. That means for two months you will bring home what you gross! Granted you’ll still pay your part of health insurance, but that’s not a tax. I’m talking no taxes coming out of your pay check. What you earn is what you keep for two whole months. Continue reading ‘Change Even I Can Believe In’


Washington’s Governor Sanctions Atheist Plaque

Wow! The Northwest libs in Washington state are at it again. In the rotunda of the state capital in Olympia, Washington a navtivity scene has been erected. Probably doesn’t sound all that significant. I am sure many other states do the same thing. But because a fringe atheist group has asked for it, the governor Christine Gregoire has sanctioned the posting of a plaque by said atheist group….beside the nativity scene. The plaque states:

At this season of the Winter Solstice may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

This is more than just an attempt to “please everyone.” This is more than just trying to represent all creeds and belief systems. Anyone who says it is is yanking your chain. The governor knew this would be offensive. She knew it would rub people of faith the wrong way. She was not trying to please everyone. In sanctioning this she was trying to push an agenda. She is trying to get away with an insult.

Bill O’Reilly made an excellent point concerning this offensive act. This group of left-wing, anti-traditionalist atheists would never ask for a plaque like this to be placed beside a publicly displayed portrait of, say, Martin Luther King, Jr. Even though Dr. King’s birthday is a federal holiday, as is Christmas. Even though Dr. King was a minister who taught religious principles in the public square. But as O’Reilly pointed out (which I have been saying forever) it is only okay to do such things to Christians. You wouldn’t see this plaque for a Ramadan exhibit. Only Christianity is attacked so vehemently. And only when it is anti-Christian is such an act considered kosher by the PC crowd.

But now where’s the ACLU?

The rights of Christians are being violated and my personal religion is being publicly slandered by a governor-sanctioned antagonistic plaque! Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? They’ll take up for African-Americans who are discrminated against on the job (and rightly so). They’ll come to the aid of Muslims who are racially profiled. But Christians? Hands off! To the ACLU and other like groups Christians are the enemy. The public ridicule, derision, offense, or slander of Christians is a good day at the office for those people.

Bill O’Reilly is going to continue convering this issue and is encouraging people to contact Governor Gregoire and express their outrage over this. He is not doing it on religious grounds but on the grounds that this is an affront to millions who celebrate Christmas which is, I repeat, a government-sanctioned federal holiday. I think Islam is wrong in their doctrine and theology. So I don’t practice it. I don’t celebrate Ramadan. If Georgia’s governor Sonny Perdue wanted to have a Ramadan exhibit in the captial, I’d think it ridiculous, but I wouldn’t demand a Christmas one. I am a Christian and I will serve and honor Christ no matter what the government does. The reverse should be true for these atheists. But the truth is they simply want to be offensive and antagonistic.

Atheists, here’s a real brainwave for you. If you don’t like christmas, then don’t celebrate it! Go to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (hopefully you don’t rely too much on other people to get your job done). Don’t accept gifts from anyone. Don’t eat any special dinners. While the rest of the world is celebrating “peace on Earth and goodwill toward men” (which I would think you would be in favor of) you just go about your regular life and pay no mind to what the rest of us poor deluded nuts are doing.  Just keep your plaques to yourself.

Josh H.


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