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Do the Fondue

hpim0233.JPGLyndsay and I got together with some couples from church this past Saturday to have a belated Valentine’s Day party. The meal was salad, bake potato…and steak Fondue!

This was only the second time that we have had Fondue. Saige and David brought the steak and the Fondue dishes that we used to cook our steak (Thanks, guys!). Kevin and Lauren provided us with salad, Lyndsay baked potatoes and Steve and Renee brought cheesecake and fudge for dessert (yummy).

A lil’ jibba jabbaAfter our meal we engaged in coffee-drinkin’ and much jibba-jabba. We took turns sharing things we love about our spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. We also shared some things we find quirky about our mates (coming awfully close to a couple of fist fights). In the end a good time was had by all.

We should do this again next year.

Josh H.




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