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What I Gave and Received This Christmas

This was a very good Christmas. Lyndsay and I had lots of fun with our family and friends and the gifts given and received were really special. We are grateful to you. But I want to use this post to mention the gifts I gave to and received from Lyndsay this year. I started Christmas shopping online around the end of October. This saves me the headache of shopping last minute. I avoid alot of stress this way.

This year I was uncertain how she’d receive some items but I knew I had at least one good one. In the end she loved everything I gave her…when she’s happy, I’m happy. Here’s what I gave Lyndsay (and the order in which she opened them):

1) Black and Decker Handi-Saw: It’s a small sabre saw. She saw this on TV once and thought it was cool. She enjoyed getting it and I’m sure thought of a million uses for it.

2) A t-shirt that says “I love Monkey business” and features a drawing of a chimp using a computer. This was a lot of fun.

3) Small set of glass bowls with plastic lids for food storage–she specifically asked for these and loved them.

4) A Larger set of glass bowls and dishes with plastic lids.

5) This was the crown jewel: an 11×27 “Rear Window” movie poster. Rear Window is Lyndsay’s fav film and I was so excited to give it to her. She promptly framed it and hung it in our den.

The gifts I received were equally as awesome and I love everything Lyndsay bought for me:

1) Some new black shoes. I don’t have any black casual shoes (both pairs of my black shoes are dressy). Very cool.

2) An awesome Star Trek Original Series 2009 calendar. I am a total trekkie and this was perfect.

3) A set of Star Trek Pez dispensers. This was so unexpected and I loved it.

4) iTunes Gift Card. Always useful. Used it up in about 5 minutes. Seabird is an awesome band. Check ’em out.

5) “Miracles” by C.S. Lewis. I specifically asked for this. Can’t wait to get into it. But I have two other books to finish first! I always read multiple books simultaneously. It’s a blessing…and a curse.

6) This is a little sad. She gave me Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 on DVD that she found online (b/c it is very hard to find). But it had some problems so we had to return it. We’ll just have to shop around until we find a copy. But it’s the thought that counts!

Did you notice that I didn’t receive anything computer or Apple related? That’s unusual. Anyway, thank you, zeez, for the great gifts and Happy New Year to all of our friends!

Josh H.



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