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Just Call Me Mr. Food


Ever since Lyndsay began working for Dr. Sumrall’s dentist practice in Warner Robins, we have been carpooling to work (along with her brother, Stephen, who works with me). She works 10 hours on Mondays and Tuesdays. Well my job has always been quite flexible. So I would also work 10 hours on Mondays and Tuesdays and I would get off early on Fridays. But, alas, my boss has put a stop to this. Some changes at MTI have made it so that Stephen and I need to be there later on Fridays and thus we can not work late at the first of the week. Lyndsay was not very happy with this new development as it would mean she’d not only have to drive to work and back alone, but also that it’d cost us a little more in gas money.

Well Lyndsay was able to find one glimmer of hope in this scenario. She summed it up with these words: “Well, then you can start cooking supper on Monday and Tuesday since you’ll get home so early.” At that moment I felt the need to put my hands against my face and shout at the top of my lungs Home Alone-style .

Let me give you a little background on me. I grew up with a very good mother who was no push over. She made me do my share of work around the house and taught me a strong sense of responsibility. One thing she didn’t do was teach me to cook. Well, actually that isn’t completely true. I can make scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and I can grill hamburgers/hotdogs. But basically, I went from living at home to living with my wife. I didn’t have any real “bachelor” days. So my response to Lyndsay was “No problem; we’ll just have scrambled eggs on Monday nights and grilled cheese sandwiches on Tuesday nights. And if you want we can switch ’em around every now and again!”

Less Than ThrilledLet’s just say that she was less than thrilled with my witty response. The more I think about it, though the more I think that maybe I should give it a shot. I mean, if I get stuck, I have three great cooks in my family (Lyndsay, Mom, and Renee) living nearby that I can call on. I mean, it can’t be that hard to just follow a recipe now can it?

Can it?

Josh H.



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