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Diets Are the Devil

I have never in my life gone on a diet yet in 2005 I lost a little over twenty pounds. My doctor weighed me at 180 lbs. and I slimmed down to 155 lbs. in about two months. I did so by eating moderate portions, cutting out late snacking and getting thirty minutes of vigorous exercise daily (usually brisk walking, jogging, and some weight lifting–just something to raise my heart rate for an extended amount of time). But I still ate normal food. I did however cut out fried food for the most part due to my high cholesterol. Since then I have pretty much kept up this same lifestyle and my weight has plateaued at about 160 lbs. which is what I have weighed consistently for the past two years.

Diets are evilI am satisfied with my weight but Continue reading ‘Diets Are the Devil’



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