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What Have We Done?

War Is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Is Strength

Big Brother Obama

One of the most liberal politicians I have seen in my lifetime appears to be the new President. Congress, it would appear, will now be controlled by Democrats. Perhaps Bill O’Reilly is right and there simply won’t be any money to pay for the Socialist policies Obama endorses. However I doubt it. He will find a way. He will tax small businesses and high income earners into poverty if that is what it takes.

What Obama does not understand is that his “spread the wealth” policies will not make things good for everybody. It will simply bring those who are successful down. It will not raise anyone up. And what happens when those small businesses can no longer stay afloat (because of taxes) and will have to close costing many jobs? I’m sure the government will be there: “You can’t stay in business? Well we’ll take over your business and help keep you afloat.” You can see how Socialism easily becomes Communism. And yet those teeming masses cheering for Obama’s victory are ignorant. They do not know that they are being led like sheep to the slaughter. In four or even eight years, America may not be America anymore. Will we be the United States of America or the United Socialist States of America?

But it is not time to roll over and die. I am outspoken about my conservative views, but I have not been active. That will change as of right now. I fear and loathe Socialism and Communism. These are two of the most wicked schemes ever devised by man (thanks a lot, Karl Marx…you really did a number on us with those two). I will seek to educate more people, to make more people understand, and donate more of my money to causes that promote freedom and personal liberty. I will struggle against any system or government that seeks to remove my freedom to worship God in the way I choose, to provide for my family the way I choose, or to eke out my existence the way I choose.

In the words of newspeak from Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, this election outcome is doubleplus ungood for America and for those who believe in small government, freedom of the individual, self-determination and personal responsibility but those ideals are not dead.

Josh H.


Happy Election Day Eve

I will be heading to my voting precinct at 6:30 tomorrow morning to cast my vote.  Now I can’t remember: Is it bad form to ask who someone is voting for, to say who you are voting for, or both?  Well I am going to potentially violate etiquette and say I am voting for John McCain, in case you missed my post calling Obama a modern Johann Tetzel (selling off hope and security in exchange for votes, though he can not deliver what he promises), my other post expressing my absolute fear of an Obama presidency and what it will do to my future and my family, or the big GOP elephant in my header image.

Tomorrow will prove to be a grand victory once again showing that Americans do not need government to give them “hope” or to spread wealth to them or it will be the beginnings of a four-year, or maybe even eight-year, struggle for those who believe in hard work, self-determination, and personal responsibility and freedom. It will be either a day in which freedom rings or one in which forced charity by the worshipers of government will kill the American dream and remove any desire for anyone anywhere to accomplish anything. Barack Obama is a misguided man who either truly believes that everyone should be forced to support everyone else (even the derelicts) or he knows Socialist polices are a farce and he is simply leading ignorant, covetous people to their ruin for the sake of power.

A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor, but he who hates covetousness will prolong his days (Proverbs 28:16).

May we throw in our lot with the founding fathers and vote to limit government tomorrow. May we vote for personal responsibility, the rule of law, and the inalienable right of individuals to make their OWN destiny.

Josh H.


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