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Gazelle Buys Your Stuff

This is my 300th post, by the way.

I am cursed with two expensive hobbies.

First of all I am a musician. As with most things I have expensive taste when it comes to my instruments. I am not into knock-offs or second-rate brands of instruments. My favorite guitar company is Gibson. My favorite guitar and the one I currently own is one of the most sought-after guitars in the world: the Gibson Les Paul Standard. Growing up it was my dream guitar. My dream amp has always been a Marshall JCM series half-stack. It took me until my late twenties to acquire both of these items and together they are valued upwards of $2,000. My other dream guitar is a Gibson Firebird. I pretty much need a very lucky lotto ticket to pick one of those up. Just Google it.

My second hobby is computers/tech gadgets. Again, I have expensive taste. Paint it any way you like, Apple products are the best and the most expensive. Sure, I could have gotten a Dell laptop for $800 or less. But no, I sprung for a $1,300 Macbook. Now I am already looking forward to getting a second Macbook so Lyndsay and I can each have one (though that will not happen for some time, I am afraid). Also when it comes to enjoying content on the go I must have the best: the iPod. Definitely not the cheapest mp3 player out there, but it is the best (in my opinion).

Now if you also enjoy tech gadgets, be it video game consoles, mp3 players, or computers then there is a chance that you have accumulated gadgets that you no longer use. Perhaps they are stuffed away in a closet or the attic. Well I learned of a way that you could sell those gadgets, get them out of your way, and makes some moolah.

The company is called Gazelle. I have not use them because I do not have anything to sell right now but it looks interesting. Basically you look up the item you want to sell and they will give you a quote on what they would pay you for that item. The quote is based on your evaluation of it’s condition as well as market demand for the item. If you agree to the quote then they send you a box, you send the item off, they inspect it for themselves, then they send you payment. Gazelle’s site states that it refurbishes these items and resells them through various wholesellers and vendors. But the important thing is Gazelle takes these unwanted gadgets off your hands and replaces them with cash money.

If anyone has used them or if you use them in the future, let me know what your experience is like with them. I would be curious to know what sort of payment folks get for their items.

Josh H.


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