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Georgia February: Foretaste of Spring

What is your favorite season of the year? Just about everyone has one. I actually have more than one and the answer that I would give to the question all depends on timing. I really enjoy the winter months because the holidays are in the air, celebrations are being planned, and there are always plenty of holiday treats being cooked up in the kitchen. But by the time January 2 rolls around I have had just about enough of winter and I begin looking to the next season on the calendar.

Spring is sort of like the opposite side of the coin from the holidays. It is a great time to have friends and family over, to cook good food, and to enjoy time together except that you do so outdoors. And a grill is usually involved as well. It is the time of the year that I most want to be in my yard, riding my bicycle, or taking a walk—anything to be outside! Unfortunately we still have some weeks of cold before spring enters the picture again. But thanks to Georgia weather this week has given us great reason to step outside and have a little bit of early spring (except without the flowers). I liken it to opening one present the week before Christmas (though I would personally never commit such an atrocity).

Monday and Tuesday of this week the great outdoors called to my wife and I and we were happy to answer the call. Having worked all day long at our respective indoor jobs we were looking for any excuse to be outside and dinner seemed to be just the excuse we were looking for.

Problem #1: We do not have an outdoor table and chairs set.

Dinner for TwoGood old-fashioned Southern ingenuity won the day. We made an impromptu table. A base was provided by stacking a few cube-shaped cement blocks. A circular wooden disc measuring approximately 2.5 feet in diameter provided the perfect table top. The setting was completed by two spare chairs and a table cloth. The sun was still out, the temperature was just right, and the breeze coupled with the sounds of the neighborhood could not have been more relaxing.

Even after completing our meal we could not bring ourselves to go back inside but evening was coming on. So we decided to do what anyone desperate to be out of doors at night would have done: build a fire.

Problem #2: We do not have a fire pit.

So we built one. Using some large bricks and stacking them in the right shape we created a circular pit where we built a proper fire, pulled up a couple of chairs and watched the orange and blue flames rise and fall as we talked about our lives, our home, our favorite show “Lost” and a host of other things.

Fire Pit

If you are beginning to feel a little claustrophobic having spent so much time indoors all winter then do not let this week get away. Plan an evening or an afternoon activity outside on the porch, patio, or lawn because the weatherman says that Jack Frost is going to take at least one more jab at us Middle Georgians next week. Now put down your laptop or drop your mouse and get going!

Josh H.


Spring Fever

If you take a look at your calendar (any calendar will do, whether it has kitties or puppies or Napoleon Dynamite) you will notice a reference to a new season. My Napoleon Dynamite calendar simply states “First Day of Spring”, unless you want to believe the Weather Channel conspiracy that says spring began yesterday evening (whoever heard of spring startin’ at night…give me a break). This is the season of new life, of love, of cleaning, of the return of fair weather. I personally love autumn and winter, that is until January 2. On the second day of the new year the “holidays” are officially over and the winter chill loses all its charm. So I am thrilled to welcome spring.

So we just wanted to take a moment and wish our friends a happy “springtime” and a soon-to-be Happy Easter.

Josh and Lyndsay H.


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