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The Cure for Writer’s Block Is You

You may have noticed the slight drop in the frequency of my writings.  I have been having major writer’s block.  Twitter is partly to blame since it is great for putting out thoughts, impressions, ideas in a quick sort of way so as a result my blog has suffered.  Furthermore I have spent more time on Twitter lately finding folks to follow and reading what they have to say that I have not bothered to write.

I can not say that I have really suffered from writer’s block in the past since usually I have had blog ideas saved up and so when I run out of ideas I put my saved ones out there. That is how the last two-parter about The Music That Made Me came about. I had been sitting on that one for a while.

I am at a point now where I feel I have said all I could say about most of the subjects that interest me. By now everyone knows that I am a Trekkie, love Macs, distrust the federal government, hate taxes, bought a new car, have 4 cats, listen to Christian artists only, consider Back to the Future my favorite movie, and have a particular disdain for MySpace.

So I want you, my readers (if there are still any of you left), to help break my writer’s block curse. What’s something you have always wanted to know about me? Leave a comment letting me know what it is and I will write a blog post about it. It can be something simple like “why don’t you own a dog?” or something grandiose such as “Do you believe God has placed a specific call on your life and if so what is it?” It can even be about a habit of mine that annoys you; I promise not to be offended. Now to keep things fair, you can not use either of the two questions I mentioned above. They have to be original. But if you really want to know the answer to either then let me know I suppose I can try and answer them.

So help a brother out. Leave a comment and get me out of the writer’s block funk (that sounds like a song title).


Worst Fight Scene of All Time

Hate to say it, but this one is definitely a lame-o. Sorry, Kirk.


First Contact

From now on you have the privilege of telling your children and grandchidren “I was there when Lyndsay and Josh first stepped into the blogosphere.” Yes, we have finally joined the 21st Century. Actually we talked about creating a blog weeks ago but it has just now become a reality. The delay was mostly due to my constant deliberating over the look of the site. I finally had to put my obsessive, type A personality issues aside and go public with this thing.

It came to our attention that many of our friends and relatives do not live near us and we wanted a way to interact with them and to have discussions about topics of mutual interest. Furthermore we want to use this site for keeping all of you up to date on what is going on in our lives. Besides information about our lives in general you will also see posts about our faith, politics, music, and interesting stuff we find around the web. We welcome you all to comment on our posts. Also check out the other links mentioned here. Some of them belong to our friends and some of them are just sites we enjoy visiting. We hope that this blog will be an enjoyment to you all and we look forward to sharing our life and times with you and hearing about yours.

–Josh H.


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