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A Salute to Bloggers

…we salute youI have never been the kind of person to reject fads just because they are fads. If something comes along, be it a new fashion or a new style of music, and it becomes extremely popular, I won’t reject it based on that alone. If the fad in question appeals to me then I will buy into it. If people want to call me a lemming or a follower, that’s fine, but I am going to support and partake of what I like and/or believe in regardless of what others think. I’ve tried to apply this same standard to a relatively new fad known as MySpace. But, like others, I don’t get it.

Lyndsay set up a MySpace page a month or so ago and has been completely hooked. She’s constantly adding “friends” and being added as a “friend”. So I asked her what she will do with her new MySpace once she has added everyone she knows as a friend. Believe it or not, I was not being facetious. I honestly wanted to know the benefits of having a MySpace. Her response was a sheepish grin and a shrug of her shoulders which told me that there’s not much you can do with it beyond that.

No, I don’t have a MySpace that I have experimented with. But before you accuse me of shooting off my mouth without having any firsthand knowledge let me just say that I have helped Lyndsay set hers up and I have also played with her account to see if I could ascertain what all the buzz was about. What I discovered was that most MySpacers do not use the blogging utility of MySpace. However that doesn’t seem to matter because it would appear that no one reads them anyway. Though it is like pulling teeth to get Lyndsay to blog at the Smoak House, she has, of her own freewill, posted five blog posts to date on her MySpace. And even though she has 50 friends, her blog posts received an average of 1.2 comments. Instead you will find (as is the case with most MySpace pages) hundreds of comments on the main page that usually make no sense because they are responses to comments left on their pages. It makes my head hurt.

While new fads come and go, some of those “fads” become a part of our culture and soon become part of our way of life. At some time, sneakers were a fad. Now they are a staple of casual clothing. Once upon a time it was hip to wear t-shirts. Nowadays t-shirts are a common item. I urge you to consider the weblog. There was a time when blogs were the hip new thing. But they have grown and have made an immeasurable impact on the news, pop culture, public opinion, advertising, finances, entertainment and possibly a myriad of other arenas. MySpace on the other hand has…well, it’s helped people to say “what’s up?” to each other after school. That’s important, right?

I personally believe that MySpace will have its 15 minutes of fame and one by one the kids will move on to the next big craze. However, blogs, like sneakers and t-shirts, will live because they have made a meaningful impact on modern culture. Soon when MySpace is nothing more than a digital wasteland of forgotten profiles, hangers-on will wonder where all their friends have gone. Schoolmates will ask their keep-myspace-alive friends “Where were you last night? We were all hangin’ out?” To which the reply will be “I was on MySpace hoping to chat with some ‘friends’.” “Oh, *snicker* you’re still doing that?” It ain’t gonna be pretty. But bloggers, I predict, will continue to make their mark on society and will continue to bring quality news, humor, and information to their readers.

So for those about to blog…we salute you!

Josh H.


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